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Waterloo Road: Twisted firestarter

(Series 8, Ep.4)  Connor and Imogen, the James Dean and Natalie Wood of Waterloo Road, didn’t have an easy week this week. There’s Connor’s mother (Jane Beale) for starters. Being an alcoholic is one thing – Rose Kelly was an alcoholic but she was fairly charming with it and used to smile a lot – but Jane Beale is a nasty piece of work. I’m not sure if we’re supposed to believe that it’s all the fault of the drink and she’d be a shining example of maternal cuddliness if she was sober, because we haven’t seen her sober yet. She’s perfectly horrible to Connor and was also perfectly horrible to his new girlfriend Imogen. Connor’s go-to strategy for dealing with his mother seems to be arson, and this week it was a bit of fire-setting in the WR basement. Guess who put the fire out? Tom Clarkson, of course. Everybody’s hero. It was Connor who got the blame, which was fair enough because he was to blame, but where’s Pious Kim Campbell when we need her to (a) be on top of arson and (b) spotting a cry for help when she sees one?   Continue reading


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