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Emmerdale: Hell’s Belle!

soaps-emmerdale-7022-2Belle Dingle is back in the Dales fold and dayyyuuum, that girl’s got attitude. She has a good right to however; she’s just left imprisonment for the accidental killing of her best friend and is still haunted by the fateful day that a bit of a shove sent Gemma off this mortal coil. It isn’t helping, of course, that she feels everyone is gawping and talking about her; not least of all newcomer Lachlan, a worryingly irritating addition to the otherwise fantastic White family who took Belle on a hot chocolate date purely because he wanted to know what it was like to kill someone. Not the best chat up line to open with; I always find that the discussion of previous murders is a second date kind of thing, but that’s just me.

She went on to have a run in with the surly Gabby, who can do no wrong in Bernice’s eyes, but the wee bratette soon regretted getting on Bad Belle’s wrong side when she was warned that she could follow in Gemma’s clumsy footsteps and become the latest murdered schoolgirl of the Dales. Bernice was none too happy with this development and she wasted no time in confronting Lisa, who returned home to find the word MURDERER daubed across the Dingle walls. It was no Banksy, but it had the desired effect of unnerving everyone.

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Emmerdale: Interviews with Jane Cox (Lisa) and Nicola Wheeler (Nicola)

WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS which some readers may wish to avoid

lisa_dingleRemember the days when Emmerdale used to be about sheep, bails of hay and the occasional lesbian vet? No, me neither. It’s never quiet in the village and the next two weeks are going to hit that home in a big way.

I’m personally just recovering from Donna breaking the fragile heart of Ryan before leaping to her death and I really cannot take much more excitement. But Declan Macey has other ideas; he is intent on offing his wife Charity as he takes her to a derelict countryside cottage and, mark my words, this explosive week in the Dales will end in a shocking way.

But, past the splashes of drama that Macey Madness will bring this week, there are more shocks to come in the village and Jane Cox, who plays the long suffering Lisa Dingle and Nicola Wheeler who plays the high maintenance blonde bombshell Nicola King, discuss the big plots on the way for their alter egos, in a double interview…

It’s not been an easy few years for the Dingles. Bereavements, rape, serial killers, floods, hostage dramas, debt, breakdowns, teenage murders, prison and Sam have just been a few of their pains in their unwashed necks and it’s a wonder that the glue of the family, matriarch Lisa, manages to hold it all together. However, as the true extent of Sam’s debts become known in coming weeks and with the ongoing trauma of daughter Belle’s incarceration, it is all about to get too much…   Continue reading

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