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Holby City: Indispensable

raf harry amy holby(Series 16, ep. 26)  It’s all ready to kick off on AAU, with an epic love triangle of Hanssen /Shah /Douglas proportions (read that any way you see fit) about to ensue, as Dr Posh and Dr Smug (aka Raf) fight over Mrs Smug (aka Dr Amy Teo).

Now they have a Consultant Pharmacist on AAU, no pharmaceutical can be dispensed without Amy having to worry about contra-indications and whatnot. It’s practically criminal that they’ve been dishing out Camoxidan left, right and centre for years without as much as running it past (and usually through) Best Nurse Eddi McKee first.

amy harry holbySo Amy was on hand at the bedside of Posh’s patient, a former glamour model (whose image had apparently enlivened many a lonely midnight hour while Dr Posh was at boarding school), giving out advice and prescriptions and looking a bit queasy. There’s usually only one reason women in soaps look queasy, but she’s not pregnant. We can still file it under “hormones,” though, as she’s going through IVF. That and being married to Dr Smug is all a bit of a strain, so how lucky Dr Posh was on hand with his blue (“blacker than black”) dinner suit and his suave ways picked up at boarding school when he wasn’t hunched over a photo of his glamour model patient.   Continue reading


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