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Casualty: You’ve already met my mother

(Series 31, ep. 31) I haven’t watched Casualty for ages, but you know, Easter and that. I thought it was time to revisit the emergency wing of everyone’s favourite hospital.

What do I find but Mr Strachan (which my mind still has to say in a Connie Beauchamp voice from back in the day when he was very much a junior), apparently in charge of things in some unspecific administrative way.

When Sam used to be in Holby City I didn’t pay him much attention because I was always on Team Joseph, but every time I’ve seen him on Casualty he’s been a loathsome little rat. In fact, he’s exactly the same character he was when he was Max Tyler on Waterloo Road – officious, pompous and annoying. And what I really want to know is, how come among all the aggrieved staff in this episode, not one of them thought of going to Hanssen with their concerns? Hanssen is still in charge of the hospital, isn’t he? I realise that Guy Henry may not have been available to ooze down from the upper floors to re-calibrate Mr Strachan’s moral compass because he’s busy in Borehamwood, but surely someone should at least have mentioned him as an option?  Continue reading


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Casualty: Oh, Ethan. Oh, Dylan

alicia-ethan-casualty(Series 31, ep. 16) I haven’t seen Casualty for quite a while now, but dipping back into it this week it didn’t feel like I’d missed much.

The Ethan/Cal/Alicia love triangle is still a thing, with Cal well ahead at the start of the episode, but Ethan once again in the ascendant by the end. Ethan realised – for the umpteenth time – that Cal is a selfish twonk who (a) doesn’t deserve a brother as lovely as Ethan and (b) doesn’t deserve a girlfriend as lovely as Alicia. So he’s putting his own needs first. And Alicia’s needs, of course, because he’s a gentleman and he’s spotted that Alicia prefers him to Cal. This is perceptive of him, given that she’s been too polite to hurt Cal’s feelings by not kissing him in front of Ethan, because she’s sweet like that. I can’t help thinking that Ethan needs to set his romantic bar a bit higher.  Continue reading

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Casualty: The good guys

ethan-alicia-casualty(Series 31, ep. 4) Ethan is one of the good guys. We know this because (a) we know this and (b) it was mentioned at least twice during the episode. But is a good guy what Alicia is looking for? At the beginning of the episode it seemed like what she was mainly looking for was a good time, and that’s not really Ethan unless your idea of a good time is hunkering down with a mug of cocoa and a Big Bang Theory box set.

But when some hapless joggers fell through the treacherously porous surface of Holby Forest, Ethan and Alicia were mobilised to provide on-site pain relief. Well done, Elle – good plan to send people who’ve recently been trapped in the debris of an explosion and make them go down a dark hole. But it gave Ethan the chance to demonstrate that he’s actually quite brave, and to get a panicking Alicia safely back to daylight.  Continue reading

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Casualty: Post-traumatic helicopter aftermath episode

louise casualty(Series 31, ep. 2) I love Louise, mainly because she spends most of her time giving evils to one person or another because she doesn’t like them. There always seems to be someone Louise doesn’t like.

This week it was the turn of Elle, who was in charge of the department while Connie recuperates. She was doing her best to gee up the staff after last week’s horrors, but she wasn’t making a good job of it. Cue lots of evil stares and eye-rolling from Louise, who was probably thinking, “Where’s Dr Zoe Hanna when you need her?”  Continue reading

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Casualty: Different ways to get attention

rita casualty(Series 30, ep. 40) Oh good grief. Is there really nothing better to do with the characters of Rita and Connie than having them go all stupid about men? This week Rita let everyone think her ex had given her a black eye (it was actually the wing mirror of a car she was hiding behind) so that they’d be cross with Iain for not protecting her and he’d be cross with himself and realise he’d been a stupid fool to let her go. And of course the truth came out, and now it’s Rita who looks like a stupid fool, and I’m cross about that because Rita is worth ten of Iain. Though on the other hand it’s given Louise someone new to frown at, because since Charlie forgave Elle for dobbing him in to Hanssen, Louise’s face has had nothing to do. She’s only happy when she’s giving someone evils.  Continue reading

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Casualty: Lucky for some

dylan zoe casualty(Series 30, ep.6) Only Casualty can make a park look dangerous. As we saw Dylan walking through this community leisure facility, there were threats everywhere – people playing baseball, a model plane – massive potential for injuries from both of these. There was even a woman talking to a magpie. “One for sorrow,” she informed Dylan. As she turned away, behind her the model plane knocked the magpie off its perch and the woman walked into a tree. Who knew that a tree could be the most dangerous thing in a park?

So this woman, Florence (Victoria Bush off of Waterloo Road) ended up in the hospital with a massive nosebleed. This meant I had to watch large parts of this episode between my fingers, because nosebleeds are a thing I just can’t cope with, even if they’re just pretend.  Continue reading

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Casualty: The wedding goes with a bang. And a splash

max zoe casualty(Series 29, ep.46) Soap weddings are never uneventful – that would be a major waste of a plot opportunity. Even worse, they usually end in some kind of tragedy. So when Max and Zoe decided to get married, I had mixed feelings. She’s my favourite Casualty character and he’s the prettiest man in the hospital, so on paper it’s all good, but knowing it would turn out to be some kind of bad wasn’t good. If you see what I mean.

max casualtyIn a nod to her bad girl days, Zoe ended her hen night by sleeping with a random stranger. Despite Max being the most sensible, kindest and loveliest person in the world (as well as the prettiest), Zoe was having second thoughts. She almost didn’t go through with the wedding, but Max persuaded her that the fag breaks and the Curlie Wurlies were too good to give up. The wedding was low key, but the reception was a big do in a marquee. In hindsight they should have perhaps chosen a less flammable venue, like the pub across the road or Rodolfo’s.

A careless word by Dylan (reunited with Dervla but now officially diagnosed with OCD) alerted Max to Zoe’s hen night infidelity, and there were tears. Zoe ended up on Dylan’s boat asking him to steer off to Anywhere But Here.

zoe casualtyBack at the marquee, a fight broke out between Max and Charlie’s waste of skin son Louis, a patio heater went over, and there was a fire. Zoe saw the flames from the boat and asked Dylan to steer back to shore, but a bit of burning debris also set fire to the boat. Dylan couldn’t put the fire out and said they’d better swim. Zoe didn’t consider what a wet bridal gown might weigh, and jumped into the murky waters of the River Wyvern (I’m just guessing that bit). When last seen, she was treading water – but will she be able to stay afloat? Will Max rescue her? Where was Dervla? And would everyone back at the marquee be alright?

So many questions, hopefully to be answered next weekend, which is also a two parter.

In other news, it turns out that Louise used to be a nurse. And Dr Lily Chao is apparently mutating into Connie Beauchamp.


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