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Holby City: It’s just grey matter

selfie colette holby(Series 17, ep.4) Imagine you were given this choice: you could either go and work in a hospital in Chicago, where all the doctors look like George Clooney and Noah Wyle (or they used to). Or you can stay at Holby and spend your days being belittled in front of bigwigs and taken for granted by Selfie.

This was the choice offered to Top Nurse Colette Sheward, and the only surprise was that it took her almost 60 minutes to reach her decision.

I’ve never been a fan of Colette – the character was initially promising, but a combination of being tainted by association with Selfie and her deadpan delivery made her hard to warm to. It’s only been in recent-ish episodes, in her interactions with Serena and Fletch, that a softer side to her personality has really come out. But in this episode, I really felt for her. She so much wanted to fix everything for Selfie – sorting out his patient with her top quality people skills and doing her best to help Zosia, only to have it all thrown back in her face by a man who’s so arrogant and so wrapped up in himself that he has no idea that other people have feelings. Or maybe he does: “I spend all day manipulating people’s feelings,” he told Colette. “It’s just grey matter.” Says it all, really.   Continue reading


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Celebrity Restaurant in My Living Room: Feltz v Costa

It was only a matter of time before the Restaurant in My Living Room format wheeled out a celebrity version. For charidee, of course.

Talk radio queen Vanessa Feltz and her fiance Ben Ofoedu pitched their culinary and hosting skills against Antony Costa from Blue (as he’ll always be known) and his mum. Each couple would open their home to around 30 diners for one evening only, and attempt to earn the most money.

Vanessa’s house is absolutely gorgeous, a cute mock-Gothic oddity nestling in “leafy” St Johns Wood. The perfect setting for Vanessa’s family-cooking-themed night. The Costas, meanwhile, had a less spectacular home, but some spectacularly nice friends and relatives who all pitched in with providing components for the meze Antony was serving on his Greek-themed night. An auntie made several dishes, a friend of Ant’s dad turned up with wine.

There weren’t any real disasters: Vanessa’s soup was a bit cold, some of Antony’s guests didn’t get their main course very speedily. Possibly the only hide-behind-the-cushion moment came when Ben entertained the diners with a rendition of ‘Isn’t She Lovely’ dedicated to Vanessa. Meanwhile, Antony was dedicating ‘Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone’ to the late Jade Goody. As the event was raising money for cervical cancer charity Jo’s Trust, this was both apt and poignant (or “slightly miserable,” according to PLA Jr). And he’s a much better singer than Ben.

However, it wasn’t the singing that determined the winner. It wasn’t even the cooking. It was the generosity of the guests, and Vanessa’s proved to have the deeper pockets (she had Esther Rantzen on her team, for heaven’s sake) as she won.

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Casualty: Old faces in the ED

Casualty was just stuffed with familiar faces the other night. We had Antony Costa from Blue, who’d fallen in love with a prostitute played by Mika from Waterloo Road (Lauren Drummond),who was involved in a fire started by Curly’s wife from Corrie (Angela Lonsdale). She was in a bed next to Layla from Tracy Beaker (Cara Readle).

Anyway, enough about the patients because they’re completely disposable on Casualty – you know there’ll be another set next week. Only rarely does a patient make it past one episode, a notable recent exception being Ruth Winters’ brain patient Amir. This week it was Amir’s funeral, but as usual Ruth was trying to pretend she had no feelings, and it was business as usual. Only it wasn’t, because she had to work alongside the F2’s who had possibly been responsible for Amir’s death, and it made her even more spiky and unpleasant than usual. It also made her take her eye off the ball, so that if she hadn’t been bailed out by Nick Jordan, she could have caused serious harm to a patient.

The upshot to this is that her frosty boss has told her there’s not really a place in the brain surgery world for that kind of distractedness, and Ruth has had to go cap in hand to Adam to see if there are any jobs going in the ED.

Meanwhile the F2’s learned that Amir had died of a heart attack which they couldn’t have foreseen or prevented, so they’re off the hook.

Charlie brought his son Louis to work. Louis never appears without getting involved in some bother or other. In this case Charlie discovered him indulging in hanky-panky in the on-call room with a patient’s sister. Teenagers, eh? Though Charlie is also keeping an eye on Tess and the vicar, who are spending a lot of time together. She’s clearly spotted that he’s none other than Don Warrington from Rising Damp, and while he’s got a bit chubbier over the years, he still has that voice that could melt Miss Jones into a puddle of pure liquid hormones. Tess can’t hold out for long against that.

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