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Holby City: Zav smells of damp

sue holby 27(Series 21, ep. 27 ‘Flying Solo’ by Martin Jameson 9.7.19) I’ve written a nice (I hope it’s nice) long review of this episode over at Metro, so please have a look. But first…

– Line of the week was anything to do with Xavier’s vest. I loved the way the idea of Zav having a smelly vest played against the fact that he is so good-looking and very probably smells as nice as he looks.

– Cringey line of the week was Evan’s “She stepped up to the plate and ate dinner off it.” I was glad that Cameron pointed out that it didn’t even work as a metaphor. No, it doesn’t. Two completely different kinds of plate.

– Was all the talk about an attacker on the loose (who’s apparently now been caught) a red herring, or will it come up again at some point? The Mythical HR Department sending a message out saying they didn’t want anyone leaving the hospital unaccompanied seems too sinister a detail to waste.

– I think Cameron was right to think Kian was out of order in theatre, but should probably have taken it up with him rather than going to Hanssen.

– Will Serena welcome Bernie’s boy to AAU, do you think?

– Carole Copeland and Scary Sue break my heart every time. I completely want to see Hanssen and Carole dancing, though. Remember when Tess and Abs used to dance together on Casualty many moons ago?


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Holby City: No flies on Darwin

kian jac holby 18(Series 21, ep. 18 ‘Vinegar and Honey’ by Ed Sellek 30.4.19) For a full review of this week’s episode please bob over to Metro (the home of top quality soaps coverage). But first…

– The episode was called ‘Vinegar and Honey’ because Fletch told Jac ‘You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.’ I loved Jac’s reply: ‘Why would I want flies?’

– So Kian is the cousin of Marty in the ED. I wonder whether we’ll see Kian summoned to a Casualty crossover one day? It would be even nicer if Marty was there – he hasn’t been seen in a while.

– I understood Ange’s explanation of why Chloe would be devastated to find out Dominic is her brother while she was saying it, but looking back I’m not sure I agree with her now. What do you think?

– Dominic is getting quite obsessive though. When he told Ange ‘You don’t get to abandon me again,’ it sounded borderline threatening – not in a scary way, but in a very needy way. He isn’t a character whose emotions you can just dabble with, as Ange is finding out.

– I knew all wasn’t well in Scary Sue’s romantic life. Bless her.


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Holby City: Behind the eyes

kian 2 holby 17(Series 21, ep. 17 ‘Pleased to Meet You’ by Ed Sellek 23.4.19) For my full (and rather long) review of this brilliant episode, head over to Metro. But first…

– I’ve not always been the greatest fan of Nicky as a character, but she absolutely stole the episode for me with her breathless fan-girly appreciation of Kian. Even when she was in the background she was giving him admiring little glances. It was really funny and well done.

– Talking of funny, I love Ed Sellek’s episodes. He’s the man who gave us Hanssen with a theremin, as I’ll never cease to keep reminding you because it was genius.

– And Scary Sue! She’s absolutely brilliant. I loved her comment about London making her bogies black. It’s such a northern thing to say (I speak as a northerner who lives in London). The genius of Sue’s character is that she has this ‘scary’ reputation but she’s ever so vulnerable and sad really, and I like that Donna recognised that about her.

– It was a good debut for Kian. He’s like a Mills and Boon fantasy doctor come to life with his tattooed hunkiness, but he’s got an air of danger and secrets around him that makes him quite interesting.

– Dominic was being really horrible to Carole and I could have slapped him at various points, but David Ames lets you see everything play out in Dominic’s eyes – the emotions of the moment are on his face, but his eyes tell you how he really feels inside and he is hurting.

– Julia Deakin and Dawn Steele are also being brilliant in this storyline and even though I still wish it hadn’t happened, it’s bringing some ninja level drama out, which I suppose is the entire point.

– Though when is Chloe going to get her chance to start emoting like everybody else? It must come soon.

– I’m glad Dom’s father was just a nice boy who liked Wham! and had a look of John Taylor from Duran Duran, rather than something sinister or icky. Such as looking like Simon Le Bon from Duran Duran.


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Holby City: Sibling rivalry

(Series 20, ep. 41 ‘The Three Musketeers’ by Joe Ainsworth 9.10.18) For a full review of this episode, head over to Metro. Before you go, a few additional points:

– What a brilliant bit of acting from Marcus Griffiths as Xavier sat in the Linden Cullen Temple of Anguish (AKA the multi-faith room/prayer room/whatever). Holby actors seem to be very good at crying on demand. It must make them very tricky to live with.

– It was a nice outcome to find that Reg didn’t have dementia and wasn’t being beaten up by Alex, but had a treatable condition after all. Maybe he’ll get well enough to become a porter.

– Hanssen is holding himself together well, but Guy Henry is such a superbly subtle actor that you can see the emotion just under the surface. He’s channelling his love for Roxanna into caring for Gaskell, and when and if the story fully comes out about what he’s been up to – well, it’ll be a double blow and I honestly don’t know how Hanssen will start to cope with that.

– There’s definitely chemistry between Donna and Xavier. Is he the kind of man who’d be happy to have a girlfriend with two children, though? He’s always seemed a bit of a player, so we’ll have to see.

– There’s been a mixed reaction to Leah’s pursuit of Serena, and I can see why. If you’re very invested in the Berena relationship then it’s not easy to think of Serena even contemplating anyone else. Quite possibly she’s going to carry on rejecting Leah and be happy with her long-distance love, but it’s interesting to see her being tested. It also made for some very funny scenes, especially when Ric and Serena were inside the office and Leah was outside, fully aware that Serena was listening to everything she was saying.

– Scary Sue needs to be a regular character. Sometimes new people arrive on Holby and it takes a little while to work out who they are as characters. I feel like we already know Sue, thanks to the way the writers have brought her in and Angela Lonsdale’s funny, clever portrayal of her. And of course you can never have too many Sues.


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Holby City: Too much too soon

The greatest gift of all (Picture: BBC)

(Series 20, ep. 40 ‘Inscrutable’ by Tony Higgins 2.10.18) Pop over to Metro for this week’s full review and a little extra piece about Jac and Sacha. Before you go, a few additional thoughts…

– I was so excited when Bob Barrett told me that Sacha was going to be moving in with Jac, because it was something both he and Rosie Marcel talked about when I met them last year for the Holby book. It seemed like quite a random idea at the time, but in the context of Sacha’s mental health problems (and Jac’s physical health problems) it really works. Jac really is kind when good friends need help – such as when she secretly financed Professor Hope’s Kibo project.

– I hope Scary Sue from ITU is going to be a regular character. As well as her having a brilliant name (obvs), I really liked her over-sharing northern personality.

– I liked Leah, too. Berena fans are possibly not best pleased at someone making a move on Serena, but Serena has always been a woman with needs. She’s resisting so far, but will her resolve be as strong come Christmas party time? I like that Leah has come to medicine a few years later on in life, so she’ll have a different angle on things from the usual F1s.

– Once again Hiran Abeysekera was really touching as Tyler, and his scenes with Bob Barrett were lovely.

– Hanssen kissing Roxanna’s hand! So absolutely heartbreaking.

– I knew Essie would blame herself for overdoing it with the alphabet board. I bet the Prof is happy he planted that little seed. Essie’s no fool, though, and once Meena and Hanssen have recovered a little, everyone is going to start joining the dots. I hope.


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Casualty: Brothers in scrubs

ethan zoe cal casualty(Series 28. ep.21)  “By their fruits ye shall know them,” it says, both in the Bible and in the Casualty scriptwriters’ handbook (imaginary edition). In other words, the best way to discover someone’s personality is by seeing what they do.

We already knew, via on-screen clues and off-screen spoilers, that new boy Caleb Knight (Cal) was going to turn out to be the brother of last week’s new boy Ethan. Ethan, as we saw, was kind, sweet, a little bit nerdy. Would Cal be anything like him?

When we first saw him he was smoking a fag, which is usually shorthand for “bad boy/girl,” but in Casualty also means “feisty/brilliant,” as in Dr Zoe Hanna. He’d also just arrived at work straight from a one night stand with a 17 year old. Again, shades of Dr Zoe Hanna, as he happened to remind her.

cal casualtyThe merest glimpse of him made any junior staff member who saw him – whether male or female – go all dreamy-eyed and rest their chin on their hand while they stared. Yes, he is quite handsome. He also had a delicate touch with a blue needle while getting glass out of the eyes of his one-night stand after her dad’s conservatory roof fell on her. And, when called to a stretch limo that was hanging precariously off a bridge, he didn’t think twice but dived in straight behind Jeff. Brave as well, then – though not as brave as my lovely Jeff.

angela lonsdale casualtySpeaking of Jeff, this is the second week he’s had a run-in with Angela Lonsdale’s stroppy fire officer. Could a romance be about to develop? If it does, it’ll only end in tears as Jeff has to drag her out of a burning building. The only way to escape the curse of the Casualty relationship is to get the heck out of Holby, like Dr Ruth Winters and Lovely Staff Nurse Faldren. Just ask Dixie.

Next time: Dixie’s accused of assault.


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Casualty: Old faces in the ED

Casualty was just stuffed with familiar faces the other night. We had Antony Costa from Blue, who’d fallen in love with a prostitute played by Mika from Waterloo Road (Lauren Drummond),who was involved in a fire started by Curly’s wife from Corrie (Angela Lonsdale). She was in a bed next to Layla from Tracy Beaker (Cara Readle).

Anyway, enough about the patients because they’re completely disposable on Casualty – you know there’ll be another set next week. Only rarely does a patient make it past one episode, a notable recent exception being Ruth Winters’ brain patient Amir. This week it was Amir’s funeral, but as usual Ruth was trying to pretend she had no feelings, and it was business as usual. Only it wasn’t, because she had to work alongside the F2’s who had possibly been responsible for Amir’s death, and it made her even more spiky and unpleasant than usual. It also made her take her eye off the ball, so that if she hadn’t been bailed out by Nick Jordan, she could have caused serious harm to a patient.

The upshot to this is that her frosty boss has told her there’s not really a place in the brain surgery world for that kind of distractedness, and Ruth has had to go cap in hand to Adam to see if there are any jobs going in the ED.

Meanwhile the F2’s learned that Amir had died of a heart attack which they couldn’t have foreseen or prevented, so they’re off the hook.

Charlie brought his son Louis to work. Louis never appears without getting involved in some bother or other. In this case Charlie discovered him indulging in hanky-panky in the on-call room with a patient’s sister. Teenagers, eh? Though Charlie is also keeping an eye on Tess and the vicar, who are spending a lot of time together. She’s clearly spotted that he’s none other than Don Warrington from Rising Damp, and while he’s got a bit chubbier over the years, he still has that voice that could melt Miss Jones into a puddle of pure liquid hormones. Tess can’t hold out for long against that.

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