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Holby City: My dead ex is getting married

nathan dominic holby(Series 17, ep.12) Isn’t it awful when your deceased One True Love decides to get married and you find yourself stuck in a lift with his dangerously ill fiancé? Come on, we’ve all been there.  But why was Dr Dominic Copeland there (as in, anywhere near a Holby lift), when we last saw him packing his sunnies and about to go to LA to carry Fleur’s briefcase for her?

He came home early because he missed Kyle, he told Kyle. There were complaints made about him by conference delegates because they were homophobic, he told Ric and Serena. Basically, he messed up and got sent home in disgrace. This and a telling off from Ric weren’t enough to make him any humbler – he was soon busy slagging off Kyle’s Christmas present to him. “A beige jumper. Medium.” [Gives Kyle A Look] “You think I’m a medium.” [Looks at the label] “Viscose.” He didn’t care at all that Kyle obviously adores him, and is gentle and honest and kind. What sort of qualities are these if you can’t even manage to purchase natural fibres?  Continue reading


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Holby City: Baby, it’s cold outside

zosia holby(Series 17, ep.10) There’s something about Christmas that makes everything more emotional, isn’t there? The decorations, the lights, the singing, the excessive alcohol.

Just about everyone in this episode got emotional at some point, and none more so than Zosia. Oh, but it was sad. Zosia got it ito her head that Anita Dobson off of EastEnders was her mum, come back to her for Christmas. Anita played Betty Stern, and she wasn’t stern, she was sweet. And anyway, Stern is German for star, and through a random selection of star-based stuff, Zosia decided Betty was her mother. And, like Zosia’s mother, Betty had cancer. Zosia was on a mission to save her, even if that meant some rather frightening fundraising on the ward and at the staff Christmas party.  Continue reading


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Holby City: Finding Mr Right

holby mr t(Series 17, ep.9) Not an episode to be watching if you’re feeling at all sensitive about babies for any reason (or sensitive about tinsel, but that’s another story). There were two births, neither of them straightforward – lots of screaming for the first and Mr T up to his elbows in afterbirth with the second – but at least the outcomes were good. The births were also the background for much soul-searching and quite a bit of brains-speak. And, obviously, a chance to bask in the loveliness that is Mr T (MR T!).

AAU was the centre of these neonatal goings-on. There was a newborn with a CDH (the same condition as Jac and Jonny’s Emma) who needed Jac’s surgical skills and Raf’s special ECMO pump. It’s a scary piece of kit for a tiny baby to be attached to, and her mother Helen (Nathalie Cox) didn’t at first consent to the procedure. Later on, Helen talked to Raf about how a mother is supposed to protect her child from nasty things like that happening. She spoke to a backdrop of Jac trying not to be emotional while operating on a tiny child with the same problem as her daughter – and to Raf, who in this episode may or may not have become a parent himself.  Continue reading


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Holby City: They call him Dr Smug

raf holby(Series 17, ep. 2 What kind of doctor is Dr Raf Smug? “What kinda doctor are you?” asked Michael Spence. See – he wants to know as well. He’s a magical doctor, according to Fletch, who wanted some of that “Di Lucca magic” for a plastics case. Normally Michael Spence would be your go-to guy for this kind of thing (plastics, not magic), but he was busy elsewhere, and no other plastic surgeon was to be found in the whole of Holbyshire, so it was time for Raf to gather up what was left of his self confidence after Smug/Posh/Barf-gate and snap on those latex-free gloves.   Continue reading


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Holby City: Genius at work

dominic holby(Series 16, ep. 51) In an episode where I was equally interested in all three wards/stories (not something I can say every week), I’m going to start with Keller, and the glory that is Dr Dominic Copeland. I know not everyone agrees with me, but I love him to bits. He’s sweet, adorable, bitchy and quite possibly just as messed up as Dr Zosia March, though he manifests this by pouting a lot and having the odd Psycho-Dom moment rather than self-harming with alcohol and drugs and emoting in the Linden Cullen Memorial Shrubbery.

“I know what you need,” Sacha told him. “Sex… money… an entourage?” said Dominic (I do like his thinking), but Sacha’s thinking was that Dominic needs love. Sacha needs love, too, but Essie is away in Germany reconnecting with her roots (and with someone on Facebook called Heiko, which freaked me out a bit because that’s my husband’s name and he’s German and 42 as well. He’s not a lawyer and he doesn’t like The Hoff, though, so it’s not him. Phew).   Continue reading


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Holby City: Crisis point for Serena

serena holby(Series 16, ep.50)   The storyline about Serena’s mum has been bubbling along for quite a while. When we first met Adrienne we saw how intelligent, funny, independent and kind she was. We saw the relationship between her and Serena was loving, mutually respectful, but with the standard tensions that two women who are more alike than they care to admit will have when their circumstances change and the daughter starts to become the carer. The progress of Adrienne’s dementia has therefore been upsetting to watch, and in last night’s brilliantly crafted episode it reached a crisis.

Serena brought her mum to hospital, suspecting that she was suffering from TIA’s. Raf (not at all Smug in this episode) thought A&E or Keller were more appropriate places for her, but Serena insisted she stayed on AAU where she could keep an eye on her. What would Raf do if Adrienne was his mother? she asked him. Raf agreed to keep her on AAU, but said he would be in charge of her care.   Continue reading


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Holby City: The sacrifice of Pale Thin Nurse Nicky Van Barr

(Series 13, Ep.2) Oh, Pale Thin Nurse Nicky Van Barr, your Holby CV doesn’t make for great reading.

We first glimpsed you as one of the two nurses looking after Faye Byrne’s son, Archie, when he died. Luckily this wasn’t your fault but that of your colleague Lauren Minster.

Then you pitched up in Keller for a while, where you had a little crush on Lovely Ginger Nurse Maria. Sadly, Maria was besotted with an unblinking Canadian paediatrician, who had wandering hands and the hands wandered in your direction.

We hadn’t seen you for a while, so were thrilled when you appeared last week, less pale and less thin, as our commenter Barry pointed out. Sadly, it appears you’ve been fattened up merely to be sacrificed, as last night you were made redundant.

Henrik Hanssen (still suave but more nasty than marvellous this week) was determined that salary money must be saved, and his preferred person to be cut was Ric Griffin. He’s only new to Holby, though, and he doesn’t realise quite how much everyone (apart from Michael Spence) is besotted with Ric Griffin. Connie therefore took it upon herself to make a cut, and determined to save Ric. So several unnamed nurses have to go, and the figurehead of these is pale, thin and now very depressed-looking. It’s a shame, really, as he’s apparently the only male nurse in the hospital apart from Jay Faldren and Charlie.

Meanwhile, Michael Spence was doing his level best to pretend he wasn’t really in charge of AAU, and left Penny in charge while he lurked lucratively in Holby Care. Of course everything went pear-shaped on AAU, and Henrik Hanssen was not impressed with Michael. Not a good time to be pissing off the man at the top.

Next week: Chrissie’s back, and there’s an instant attraction between her and Irish Dr Greg. Good old Chrissie – still a man-magnet.

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