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War and Peace: It’s all about the ’tache

Three episode special!

war and peaceHonestly, you wait YEARS for a bloke, then several turn up at once. So it is for Natasha, who’s all grown up and decided fringes are SO last season. As is any other facial hair. The nice, uncomplicated (once he’s got the prostitutes out of his system) David Mitchell lookalike is rejected, despite the splendour of his mazurka (and his moustache). Uber-villain Dolokhov twigs she prefers a clean-shaven look and being unwilling to shave off his own splendid ‘dot and dash’ restrains himself to a mere mental undressing of her before trying his luck with Sonya. That doesn’t work, for Sonya is far too sensible. Natasha – pay attention.  Continue reading


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War and Peace: Pass the Ferrero Rocher

by Maggie Gordon-Walker

war and peaceHaving never had one of those debilitating, but not too painful, illnesses that confine you to your bed for a couple of weeks, there hasn’t been time to read the epic that is ‘War and Peace.’ Now perhaps there’s no need, having this jolly romp to keep me going. Everything looks gorgeous, the people, the houses, the countryside.

The first scene is a grand party, with beautiful creatures flitting to and fro. I can’t help a momentary snigger when they address each other in names that take half a minute to say, Alex PopDownToTheShopsonov, that sort of thing. Into this veritable Eden lurches an outsider. You can tell he is, because he’s wearing ordinary clothes, rather than looking as if he’s wrapped himself in ornamental brocade curtains like everybody else. Also, GASP, he doesn’t regard Napoleon as the devil incarnate. He bowls about, gesticulating madly, while the ladies titter in the background.  Continue reading

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Chain Reaction: and do-si-do your partner

I think it would be sensible to listen to these celebrity radio interviews in order, then the whole person-interviews-someone-who becomes-the interviewer-of-the-next person dance would slot neatly into place. I’m tuning in randomly using i-player from both radios 4 and 7 which means I’m getting in a pickle about who is doing what to whom, if you see what I mean. But a good pickle, I’m enjoying it even a little confused. Of course, many of these people are not accustomed to interviewing other people (not as easy as it looks, as Davina M discovered a while back) and the amount of prior knowledge they have of each other varies.

I like Lee Mack on Would I Lie To You? very much, but found him a bit too reverential as an interviewer of Ade Edmonson. Edmondson was lovely interviewing his old friend Ruby Wax – intimate and just rude enough, but warmly so.

Wax is an experienced interviewer of course, and when it came to her turn to interview someone, it transpired that she’d once dated him. It was Harry Shearer, the Simpsons chap and the prior intimacy spiced the exchange up, in a slightly unnerving sort of way (but that’s what Wax is always brilliant at anyway).

Today I listened to Shearer talking to Stephen ‘The Office’ Marchant (who didn’t ever seem to have lived or slept together) and it still worked very well. Both came across as being unassuming and down to earth, and had the ability to listen. Not always a skill the newby interviewers have. Neither is the knack of following where the conversation goes in a flowing way, instead of asking a series of pre-prepared questions as if you’re conducting a MORI poll.

But all in all, this is a very interesting series. You often get something different and unexpected coming out of the conversations, because no-one is ever too on their guard when interviewed, or too slick when interviewing.

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