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Holby City: Mr 100%

(Series 14, Ep.39) Didn’t we learn last week that we mustn’t make promises of good outcomes to our patients? We’ve also learned over the months we’ve known him that Dan Hamilton and “good outcomes” aren’t often to be found in the same operating theatre. Hence it would seem reckless for the man we know as Dull Dan to promise 100% success to a man with a broken neck who needs ever such delicate surgery, when Dan is the man who’s going to be wielding the scalpel.

It was surgery of such a delicate nature that Serena wanted nothing to do with it in case everything went pear-shaped and she could remain all smug. The pressure was intensified by being under the watchful, worried gaze of the patient’s best mate and Serena herself. No pressure at all, then, but it was only about two seconds before an artery was nicked and there was blood everywhere. What does a man need under such trying circumstances? He needs the love of a good man, that’s what. And Dan had Simon, a very good man indeed.

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Holby City: Happily ever after

(Series 14, Ep.37)  He’s not confused. He’s not experimenting. He’s not bisexual. He’s not even Dull. He’s gay! And he’s proud of it! Hurrah! It’s been a long time coming, but finally Holby’s most incompetent orthopaedic surgeon got the backbone to admit to his father, a small crowd of onlookers and, most importantly, himself, that he’s finally out of that closet and he’s not going back in. Poor old Smouldering Simon had to suffer first, though, as we discovered just what a homophobic old bigot Papa Hamilton was and just what kind of conditioning Dan has been struggling against for all these years. Simon almost lost his job over Papa Hamilton’s behaviour, but managed to keep it because he’s a fab nurse, as did Chantelle because she’s a fab nurse too, and Ric reckons her smile really ought to be available on the NHS. Which it is, obviously. So Dan is out and proud, and Simon is proud that he’s out, even if he did it with n’er a hint of a show tune. I do like Simon.

I do like Tara, too, which is why it was a bit of a shock to discover the poor girl has a brain tumour. It wasn’t a shock to her, as she already knew but had been keeping it quiet so it didn’t ruin her chances of a medical career. One wonders, then, why  she was quite so keen to jump into a CT scanner.   Continue reading


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Holby City: He’s a big boy. He can handle it

(Series 14, Ep.35, 36) Bit of a fail on the blogging front last week, which was a shame because it was a cracking episode. There was an equal dose of romance and coughing. Dan and Simon were making eyes at each other and so were Oli and Tara (and what beautiful eyes they both have) and Luc and Eddi. The episode ended with Luc and Eddi kissing in his caravan. So far so squeee, but there was that coughing to worry about. It turned out it was Legionnaire’s Disease, and it was coming from Somewhere in the Hospital.

This week, the situation turned out to be so drastic that they even had to get some cast members from Casualty involved. Big Mac and Dr Dylan Keogh were drafted in for no particular reason apart from they probably fancied a trip to Borehamwood to see The Hollywood of Hertfordshire at first hand, because they didn’t actually do very much. I was hoping to see Dr Tom Kent, particularly when a little paediatric case turned up in AAU, but sadly it didn’t happen. The little paediatric case was called Noah, and his presence caused all sorts of problems for Dr Luc Hemingway. This was because young Noah not only had Legionnaire’s, but he also had emotional problems. Our Luc doesn’t really do emotional, not even when he’s woken up to find the Best Nurse in the Hospital adorning the bunk bed of his camper van.   Continue reading


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Holby City: A rainy day in old Holby town

(Series 14, Ep.34)  There was ever such a lot of hurtling about in this episode. They used to send Jac on her motorbike to fetch emergency organs, but now they’ve got Jonny and Mo to do it and Mo’s so heavily pregnant she probably can’t fit on a motorbike at the moment, so they go by car. On this occasion they were sent to collect a heart, but arrived to find the father of the current owner of the heart wasn’t emotionally ready to let it (or his son) go. Against his better judgement and protocol, Jonny found himself taken into the confidence of this poor man and eventually the heart got the thumbs up, as it were. I found I liked Jonny more when he was being kind and sensitive and nurse-ish than I do when he’s back at Holby being a leery old Jac-magnet.

While all this was going on, the intended recipient of the heart had gone AWOL, as patients on Holby tend to do all too frequently. Tara Lo had taken rather a personal interest in this patient, and she took it upon herself to go and get her back. Young Dr Oliver Valentine took it upon himself to go with her. So off they went in the biggest downpour Holby has seen since that time there was a flood and Mark “Jesus” Williams had to deploy sandbags and his best sorrowful expression to keep the floodwaters at bay.

Someone at Holby HQ had clearly been having a think. “What could be more photogenic than Oli and Tara?” they pondered. “Gosh, I know, we’ll get them wet.” Bravo for coming up with that idea, because it really worked.

In Tara, Oli has found someone who can sort of fill the void left by The Radiantly Beautiful Dr Penny Valentine. Like Penny, Tara is intelligent, caring, a bit reckless, a little bit naive and very beautiful. And unlike Penny, she isn’t his sister, which comes in handy during those “Oops, I just fell face down on you while you were lying face up” -type moments.   Continue reading


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Holby City: Could do better

(Series 14, Ep.33)  It’s not like your humble correspondent to be lost for Holby words, but I find myself in that position this week. To be honest, my attention wandered onto such topics as whether to try shampooing the cat (she’s a tad elderly and has given up on grooming) and whether the Queen is looking forward to her jubilee or just wishes everyone would shut up about how old she is (she’s a tad elderly, but unlike the cat has not yet given up on grooming).

These “meh” Holby episodes do happen along once in a while and I don’t particularly worry about them (I’m sure there’ll be another good one along in a week or so). What I do worry about is Jonny “Smug Face” Maconie, who I see has been installed in the opening title sequence and must therefore be considered a permanent fixture (or as permanent as cast members get on Holby these days). There’s something about him that makes me want to slap him with a nice, fat wad of patient files – if only Holby hadn’t gone paperless. I suspect slapping him with an iPad wouldn’t feel so satisfying.   Continue reading


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Holby City: You know I can tell when someone’s hiding something

(Series 14, Ep.32)  The most important thing is, Sacha’s not dead. He survived being stabbed last week and he survived an hour of Chrissie fussing over him and trying to force-feed him quiche this week. Oh, and a nasty infection which Michael Spence sorted out for him. By the end of the episode he was looking considerably perkier and I dare say the quiche was beginning to look appetising. Sacha looks like a man who enjoys his food.

The new transplant team arrived this week. The “team” consists of the wonderfully forthright and heavily pregnant Mo Effanga and the less pregnant and less forthright nurse Jonny Maconie. This is the Jonny Maconie Jac thought was a neurosurgeon when she shagged him last week. Although you can most certainly accuse Jac of being a snob generally (“I’m only jealous of thin people!” she said to Mo), she’s an equal opportunities shagger and when we last glimpsed her she was helping Jonny get the store cupboard into a shocking state of disarray with some passionate shenanigans. I fail to see the allure of Jonny, myself. He has a smug face. I can’t help thinking after sampling the delights of Joseph Byrne and Young Dr Oliver Valentine, Jac has rather downgraded this time.   Continue reading


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Holby City: The passenger seat

(Series 14, Ep.25) Henrik Hanssen’s favourite game of People Chess continued this week, as he drove a further wedge into the Shah/Raza marriage by telling Sahira he was going to take her off CTU duties. She was horrified. She’s put passion into that CTU – oh lord, don’t we just know how much passion she’s put into it? We’ve suffered along with her as she’s filled entire chest cavities with her tears. And now she’s being told she’s in the passenger seat. Jac had a little gloat, Irish Dr Greg felt Sahira’s pain and Hanssen smiled enigmatically and waited for her to find out he’d done what he did because Rafi had a word with him last week. Hanssen just knew that this wouldn’t go down well with Sahira.

Meanwhile, Rafi was in Poirot mode (he is actually a bit of a David Suchet lookey-likey in a certain light) and was keeping an eye on Irish Dr Greg, following Hanssen’s tip-off last week. He just winds them up, and away they go… It all ended up with patients dying, Sahira getting all angsty in theatre (as per usual) and Irish Dr Greg being punched by Rafi. A satisfactory day’s work for the hyper-tall Swede, apart from the dead patients bit.  Continue reading


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