Casualty: Can’t get another Teddy

(Series 36 ‘Break Your Heart’ by Lisa McMullin 19.3.22) Pop along to Metro to read my full review. But before you go…

I’ll be really sad if this is the end of Teddy on Casualty. I really like the character, especially his scenes with Sah. I hope he’ll be able to continue being a paramedic.

And please say Rosa is coming back – and bringing Xiomara with her.

In the preview episode I saw, AJ’s hallucinations were yet to be added in, so all we saw was him sitting in the tree and reacting. But that was scary enough. The actor, Jude Chinchen, did a brilliant job.

I think Adi does love Marty and his relationship with Jessica is all about the baby. But Marty is quite insecure so he might feel threatened anyway.

Line of the week: (Jan) ‘It’s a hospital, not the seventh circle of hell.’ (Gaynor) ‘I’m not sure how you tell the difference.’ (Jan) ‘More pay in hell.’

Revelation of the week: Dylan is not Lawrence Llewellyn-Bowen. Who’d have guessed?

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