Casualty: I’ve created a monster

(Series 36, ‘Close Encounters’ by Hamish Wright 22.1.22) Please pop over to Metro to read my review of this week’s episode. I have had a few random thoughts as well…

The scenes between Faith and Angus at her house were quite chilling, as it all got nasty very quickly. Even though Angus climbed down from his creepy, entitled position I can’t imagine why Faith would later want to pick up where they left off. A man who could take that attitude as soon as Faith changed her mind about sleeping with him the first time is obviously dodgy.

His anger at Faith not wanting to sleep with him, in hindsight must have been as much about potentially being denied a robbing opportunity as much as being denied sex, but either way – nasty, nasty man.

I’m glad Ethan and the Khatris sorted out a custody arrangement with Bodhi that they’re all happy with. It’s basically the one they had just after Fenisha died, but at that point Ethan was in no fit state to care for his son.

And the story about the UFO boys was really sweet. I liked Jonny’s mum stepping up to support him and persuade him that they had to let brother Neil spread his wings a bit.

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