Holby City: I’m asking you for hope

(Series 23, ep. 40 by Andy Bayliss 18.1.22) Please pop over to Metro to see this week’s review (and also last week’s, as I didn’t get round to linking that here). But before you do that…

It’s always amazing how on Holby a new treatment option can be found for a case that everyone agrees is untreatable (look how many times Sammy Carrington was running out of road, and now he’s fine). But let’s hope Eli agrees to the surgery that Jac is asking for.

I was thinking isn’t it amazing how Jac, a character who in her early days was characterised by being selfish, unpleasant and cold hearted is now the glorious centre of the whole show? While still being generally selfish, unpleasant and cold-hearted. It’s brilliant.

Only 10 more episodes of Holby to go, and I’m not ready to say goodbye to Jac, or Sacha, or Dom, or Hanssen, or Fletch. They’re like old friends.

I wonder who’ll get a happy ending? It looks like Hanssen might be heading that way, with that funny little romance with Russ. I’m still not really feeling it, even though Guy Henry is doing his fabulous best to make it all seem plausible and the little reactions we see to Russ are very touching and rather sweet.

I very much doubt that Fletch will jump the sinking ship and fully expect him to be there right to the end. But I have been wrong before.

This is far too much talk of endings and I’m going to stop. Far too miserable. See you next week!


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3 responses to “Holby City: I’m asking you for hope

  1. Thunderchild

    Surely they won’t kill Jac off? Holby needs a happy ending!

    • mrssatan

      I fear that may be wishful thinking.

      Is anyone else feeling that the writers are utilising each and every plot line that was turned down at previous script meetings? It’s all gone a bit “we’ve been cancelled, we don’t care!”

  2. ceramicqueen

    Not liking the new romance. Whereas Carol and Henrik was believable, touching and funny. Shame it never got going.