Casualty: I’ll be watching you

(Series 36 ‘Gasping for Air’ by Stephen McAteer 20.11.21) Leap over to Metro to see my proper review of the episode. But before you go…

I’m very glad Jan and Ffion are back together. Does his mean Jan can finally move out of Iain’s?

Teddy will also be pleased, though today was his day off so he missed all the hostage excitement. It would really have been summat different for him.

Dave blaming Tony for the entire Holby pollution problem was a bit extreme.

How did Sah come across the live video feed from the squash court? What made them think, ‘I wonder if this is being broadcast live on th’internet?’ Unless Dave had promoted it somewhere…

When Dylan told Stevie, ‘We’re done – until Dylan wakes up,’ I thought he’d signed Ethan’s death warrant and Stevie would be straight along to Ethan’s bedside to pull out a few plugs and silence the things that go beep. But she didn’t.

But has she dropped her revenge plan now? Or does her ‘I’ll be watching you’ comment mean that she’s gone back to Revenge Plan A which is to wait until Ethan makes another mistake then go to Hanssen about it? Who knows? And does anyone really, really care?

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