Casualty: Rash. Too nice for his own good

(Series 36 ‘Two Tribes’ by Stephen McAteer 30.10.21) Please pop over to Metro to read my review. But first…

The flashbacks of little Kyle were very poignant and well done.

The Farmead estate has apparently gone downhill again since the days when Big Mac used to patrol the streets in army uniform. Or did I just hallucinate that?

Rash is too nice for his own good, isn’t he? Unwittingly he has ended up as the gang’s in-house doctor. It can’t end well.

Stevie almost went full ‘mwah hah hah!’ in this episode. If looks could kill, Stevie would have laser-beamed half the department by now.

Scissors, an eyeball and a shaky hand. Noooooo!!!

Line of the week: (Dylan contemplates the idea of a department with Stevie in charge) ‘This is bad. Really bad.’

When Dylan asked Ethan whether he should get rid of Stevie, I rather think Ethan is going to live to regret saying no.

And most likely so is Dylan.


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4 responses to “Casualty: Rash. Too nice for his own good

  1. Sarah

    I can confirm that Big Mac did indeed patrol the Farmead in Army Uniform.

    They have just started showing this in the repeats on the Drama channel 😅