Holby City: This is far from over

(Series 23, ep. 26 by Kellie Smith 28.9.21) Please have a look at my full review of this episode over at Metro. But before you do that…

It was very nice to see Evie in something that wasn’t that dreadful Pulses uniform she’s had to wear ever since she got the job. Whoever thought that putting the staff in a shirt the colour of a mattress that’s been left on a skip would induce people to buy more coffee?

Ange and Josh really are relationship goals, aren’t they? I never believed in Fletch and Ange as a couple, but I find Ange and Josh very convincing. They look at each other with such affection, it’s adorable.

Donna’s reaction to Evie is understandable – her daughter has been abused in the most awful way, so naturally she’s going to be full of anger and lashing out. I hope she’ll realise in time that Evie was as much a victim as Mia and the blame lies entirely with Jeni and the men who abused all those young women. I hope Donna doesn’t turn into a seething revenge engine like Stevie on Casualty.

I also hope that Rich gets arrested, if he’s still alive.

Alex Walkinshaw, though. He is so brilliant at evoking ‘normal bloke in abnormal situation’ emotions, isn’t he?

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