Holby City: If the police do not lock her up I will kill her myself

(Series 23, ep. 25 by Katie Douglas 21.9.21) Head over to Metro to read this week’s full review. But before you go…

Blimey! We knew that Fletch and Donna would blow up when they found out about Jeni, but that was powerful work from Alex Walkinshaw and Jaye Jacobs. I especially loved Donna’s reaction. She’s a mature mother these days and her conversations with Mia were kind, sensitive and compassionate. But when she’s angry she’s the tough scrapper that she was when she was first on Holby and Fletch (‘If you’d have bothered to parent your kid instead of making eyes at some sexual predator then none of this would have happened’) and Evie got both barrels. Heaven help Jeni if Donna gets hold of her.

Ange being sore and hormonal was realistic and quite sweet. And she seems to have found a prince of a man in young Josh. As I said in my Metro review, I hope this doesn’t mean something terrible is going to happen to him.

Line of the week: (patient Nicola) ‘Do you believe in crystals?’ (Jac) ‘I believe they exist.’

Fanboy of the week: (Jeong-Soo is thrilled to be working on Darwin with Jac) ‘I may be just a faceless drone but you’re the queen bee, so consider me pleased just to be up here.’

Brother of the week: (Dominic delivers his opinion on his new siblings) ‘Squashed up, wrinkly balls of skin. But nice ones.’

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