Casualty: You’re dead

(Series 36, ep. 1 ‘Begin Again’ by Hilary Frankland and Ed Sellek 14.8.21) Please pop over to Metro, where you’ll find my review of this episode, plus various other bits including why I think Casualty stays fresh and relevant even after all these years.

I won’t hold you up long here because I’ve written so much for Metro about this episode that I don’t have many further thoughts left!

Line of the week: (Ethan) ‘You’re dead!’ (Cal) ‘Excellent diagnosis, Nibbles.’ Straight away put them back on their old brotherly footing, with Cal always acting a tad superior.

Teddy is adorable. I’m going to like him. And I’m glad he’s cleared up the Charlie ‘crayfishing’ problem.

I feel like we’ve seen characters like Stevie before, and particularly (if you’re a Holby viewer) the character of Fran, who came in as a former drinking buddy of Essie but who had an agenda concerning Jac. But we’ll see. She’s very funny, and looks like she could be very un-funny as well if you’re on the wrong side of her like Ethan is, so it could be fun. But not for Ethan.

Those Casualty writers do love to put Ethan through it though, don’t they? He’s just lost the woman he loved, and already he’s in the crosshairs of a vengeful woman. Give him a break at least!

It was glorious to see Noel again. I’d forgotten what a lovely gentle, funny character he was and how much he brought to the show.

I’d also forgotten how cute Ethan looks in his glasses.


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3 responses to “Casualty: You’re dead

  1. Maria Dale

    Fabulous episode. Casualty at is best. Brilliant writers. Why can’t they take over Holly City too. It is supposed to be the same hospital after all.

  2. Well to me this wasn’t a special feature length episode. It was two episodes patched together. The first mainly was Charlie and the new doctor, Stevie. The second part was Ethan and his flashbacks.