Casualty: Iain’s Jammy Dodgers are not a euphemism

(Series 35, ep. 18 by Rebecca Wojciechowski and ep. 19 by Kellie Smith 8.5.21) For a review of these two episodes, head over to Metro. But before you do that…

Line of the week: (Iain briefs Fenisha) ‘Keep yer hands off me Jammy Dodgers and we’ll do just fine.’ Can I say how much I’m loving having Iain back?

Line of the week 2: (Iain is not impressed by Lev’s attitude) ‘Glad to see you’ve taken my advice today Lev. You have been a ball of positive energy.’

Lev getting in touch with Xander was an interesting twist – I wonder what’s going to happen when the two of them meet up?

Mark Johnstone’s School of Seduction was a truly creepy and cringe-making scenario. School for Serial Killers more like.

The scene between Bibi and Jan was very touching. I really hope Jan helps Marty to get some justice for Bibi and that she can finally have an end to her awful pain.

And it’s rather delicious that they might have to bring down Ciaran Coulson at the same time. He’s so vile.

Charlie was back! He didn’t do much, but whenever he appears I feel the need to write CHARLIE! in my notes.

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  1. thebigmart

    Nice to see Charlie again, but such a bit-part. Hopefully the scriptwriters have something better lined up for him in the future.

    Glad Jade seems to have sorted her hearing aids problem out – maybe she took my advice from last week 😉