Casualty: Keeping calm, carrying on

(Series 34, ep. 43 by Simon Norman 26.9.20) For a full review of this episode please head over to Metro. But before you do that…

– My Casualty-starved self really enjoyed this episode. The set-up of the woman collapsing in the field, and then showing how the nasty chemical got spread so easily from hand to hand, was very well done.

– Have I missed something about Dylan? Why was he particularly affected by being in his protective suit?

– Jade’s frustration that the PPE stopped her being able to hear and made lip-reading more difficult was well done.

– Will picking fights with Ethan didn’t exactly cover him in glory, though.

– Connie announcing the Code Orange over the PA system was about the most sinister thing I’ve ever heard. 

– But Connie feeling the need to talk to her daughter after everything was over was a nice touch.

– And her line ‘We will always find new ways to save each other’ is my line of the week because we need that kind of optimism and faith in the current awful times. It’s like that lovely line that in a disaster you should ‘Look for the helpers.’ It’s true and it’s comforting to remember.

(Picture: BBC)


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3 responses to “Casualty: Keeping calm, carrying on

  1. Steve

    Didn’t Ethan and Will and Fenisha already have it out about her baby weeks ago? Ethan and will both knew she was pregnant and was having an abortion… didn’t they?

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