Casualty: The man who fell to earth

Casualty - Series 34 - EP42

(Series 34, ep. 42 by Hamish Wright 22.8.20) I’ve reviewed this episode for Metro as usual, so please have a look there. But before you do…

– Connie and Jacob… I’m afraid I can barely sum up the energy to form the word ‘meh.’

– Poor old Noel, though.

– There was a lot of patient action this week. I didn’t really enjoy the rugby lads, but probably the point of that was not to enjoy them because they were twonks.

– Yusuf and Rahmi’s story was really sad, though.

– Why does nobody on Casualty or Holby seem to have any friends who aren’t on Casualty or Holby? Jade and Marty didn’t mention any names who weren’t regular cast members to invite to their party. Though I suppose if they’d said, ‘We must invite Bob, Cyril and Samantha’ we may have spent the rest of the episode wondering who they were.

– But none of this will be happening for quite a while, as Casualty is now on an unspecified break until they can produce some more episodes. Will Marty even be able to have a party under whatever Covid rules may apply then? We shall just have to wait and wonder.

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2 responses to “Casualty: The man who fell to earth

  1. Noel had a long queue at his desk, and then goes off with a patient (was it Terri?). Even though he hadn’t told her that she was to be triaged, the nurses would have been aware, but perhaps if she did know she wouldn’t have gone off to the nursery. Credit to Noel who despite the queue at his desk and the phone ringing remained calm.

    I hope Connie closed the blinds in her office before her and Jacob ‘got it together’?! (Wouldn’t it have been amusing if Jade or someone came bursting in !!).

    Now there is no Casualty, no Holby what is there to do on Tuesday and Saturday evenings?! At least Sue can have a well-earned rest.

  2. mrssatan

    I wondered what happened to the other receptionists. They used to have another one or two non-speaking pink shirts behind the desk at one time… and even a speaking one, Louise Tyler, who went back to nursing.