Holby City: Fond farewell

Holby City S22 - Ep25

(Series 22, ep. 25 by Joe Ainsworth 11.8.20) Please pop over to Metro for a thorough probing of this stunning episode. There’s also a separate piece all about Essie’s story. But before you do that…

– Essie’s death was so poignant. The scene that broke my heart was when Dominic was doing her hair, because their laughter was so real and reminded me of all those scenes of them sitting at the nurses’ station on Keller bitching and teasing each other.

– Closely followed by Fletch’s words when he saw Essie in her wedding dress as he prepared to walk her down the aisle: ‘Look at you! Proud dad moment.’ Gorgeous writing throughout by the brilliant Joe Ainsworth.

– Kaye Wragg’s performance was beautiful. And she is a really lovely person. My chat with her for the Holby book was so enjoyable because Kaye is very friendly, open and fun. She cared deeply about Essie as a character, which I think shone through in her performance. She’s going to be missed at Holby.

– I loved that Sacha asked Jac to be his best man. Who can forget Jac at his stag do the night before he married Chrissie?

– Meanwhile we had the dastardly Selfie up to goodness knows what in Ric Griffin’s brain. I still can’t decide if he was genuinely doing his best or whether he’s done something nasty to Ric, Prof Gaskell style.

– And now we have a massive wait to find out, as Holby takes another Covid-induced break (more on that here, but it does contain spoilers).

– And I haven’t even mentioned Creepy Cameron yet. Nicky is so going to wish that she’d taken up Louis’s offer of a date rather than Cameron’s.

– But talking of Louis, he has to be my favourite new Holby character in recent times. I love his mix of kindness, humour and feistiness. Louis doesn’t hold back if there’s something to be said, he just says it. He’s fab.

– Medical jargon of the week: (Selfie) ‘I am about to marsupialise the ventricle.’

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  1. Em

    Hi Sue I’ve been a reader of your reviews ever since I started watching Holby City last year but after last night’s episode I feel like I must comment. Every scene with Essie in was heartbreaking, I really had hoped that her and Sacha would get married before she died but even so, it was such a tremendous episode. I agree with all of your points in all three pieces. Thank you