Holby City: A tough gig for a privileged young white man

Holby City S22 - Ep23

(Series 22, ep. 23 by Nick Fisher 28.7.20) I’ve fully checked this episode’s vital signs over at Metro as usual, so please go and take a look. But before you do that…

– I very much enjoyed John Barrowman’s guest appearance. The character was funny, nicely disruptive and fitted in to Holby world just fine.

– He certainly had the measure of Cameron, too.

– Surely someone is going to realise soon that stitches only fall out when Cameron is in charge of a patient’s after care?

– I think my favourite part of the episode was the Ric/Sheena story. It was so delicately done, with him encouraging her not to settle for second best and to value herself. Sheena herself was lovely.

– But I wasn’t expecting Ric’s brain tumour to still be causing problems, and now I’m worried that it’ll be something Max can’t handle for some reason so Selfie will be called in. And we know how he feels about Ric…

– Dominic was very wise in the things he was saying to Sacha, whose behaviour in this episode really was selfish. I can understand him being terrified of losing Essie, though. How will he be able to cope with losing her?

– Someone wondered on Facebook whether Essie’s death episode would be as heartbreaking as Arthur Digby’s. I’m still not over that years later, so I hope not. But in a way I hope it is, if you know what I mean. What I really hope is that it won’t happen at all.

– What was worse, drugged-up Kian in charge of Emma or drugged-up Kian in charge of a scalpel?

– Dialogue of the week: (Jac to Kian) ‘I’m the scariest doctor in this hospital. Agreed?’ (Kian) ‘Actually, you have national scope.’


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9 responses to “Holby City: A tough gig for a privileged young white man

  1. mrssatan

    Cameron continues to make my skin crawl. I swear he is the host for Evan Crowhurst’s soul!

    I completely admire Kaye’s performance as Essie, especially after learning that her daughter Matilda had cancer. I should think it must be stirring up some painful memories.

    John B’s character needs to come back.

  2. Lydia

    Isn’t it a funny coincidence that one of the screen writers for Casualty is called Elliot Hope!!

    • The character was named after him!

      • Ciaraglos

        If Hugh Quarshie isn’t on the shortlist for the next series of Strictly I’ll eat my hat!! That storyline with Ric and Sheena was just lovely. The only minor gripe I had was when they were dancing and Sheena was twirling on her fractured wrist without a care in the world. I fractured my wrist about ten years ago and every little twist and turn of my wrist had me howling in pain. That said, had a handsome silver fox surgeon like Ric swept me off my feet then I would have forgotten all about my sore wrist too I’m sure!!

      • Ric’s healing powers are legendary! 😂