Casualty: Jade’s big day

Casualty - Series 34 - EP37

(Series 34, ep. 29 by Charlie Swinbourne and Sophie Woolley 11.7.20) My long review is as usual on Metro. But before you wander off to read that…

– I imagine the distorted sound in a lot of this episode will have been quite polarising and there’ll probably be a few complaints. I really liked it, though. We’re used to visual effects to show when a character is feeling disoriented, drugged or whatever. It was refreshing to try to get into the world of a person for whom sound is altered by whether she’s using a hearing aid or not, and how the artificially amplified sounds might be annoying and stressful.

– I hope the Jade/Susie story will continue, as they explore their relationship and also their different approaches to living with deafness.

– Zoe and Max have a baby! Yay! I love hearing little snippets about people who’ve left, so we can imagine them still getting on with their lives.

– And I like how Jan keeps mentioning Ffion – I’m looking forward to meeting her.

– Read about how this episode was written here.

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  1. It’s actually a lot like how I hear in my life!! Except, I only have a hearing loss in one ear. I thought it was ace!!