Holby City news: Raf returns to Holby!

Joe McFadden - Raf Di Lucca

Yes, I know he’s dead (remind yourself of what happened here), but that’s not the sort of thing to stand between Holby and a guest appearance.

It’s just been announced that Joe McFadden will return to Holby as Raf Di Lucca in a special episode later this month. As Essie comes to terms with her cancer diagnosis, she finds comfort from her late husband in some very moving scenes.

Joe says, “I’ll always look back on my four years on Holby with such fondness as it was one of the happiest jobs I’ve done. It was a real pleasure to get to wear Raf’s scrubs one last time in order to offer his wife Essie some guidance in such a touching episode.”

But the most important question is – will we find out what Raf thinks of the Raf Di Lucca Memorial Lump in the garden?


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4 responses to “Holby City news: Raf returns to Holby!

  1. Susan Shaw

    Yes I can see how this might help Essie in her unhappy state, but it will be beneficial for her to be able to put her mind to what she must do for her immediate time. As to having such a lovely ghostly doctor/husband it will be great seeing him again on screen.

  2. mrssatan

    They’re doing quite a bit of ‘Lazarus-ing’ on Holby lately!

  3. mrssatan

    Well, one of your questions was answered! 😉