Holby City: He hates everyone almost as much as he hates himself

Holby City S22 - Ep20

(Series 22, ep. 20 by Julie Parsons 7.7.20) My full review of this is over at Metro, so please go and have a look. But before you do that…

– The bit of the Nicky heart attack story that I liked the most was Louis calming her down when she was having the panic attack. He is marvellous.

– Though Belinda Owusu did a really good job of gasping on the locker room floor. I was thinking she wouldn’t be found in time and it would be like poor Mason on Casualty, with everyone beating themselves up that they hadn’t read the signs and paid enough attention. Though of course they should maybe think that anyway.

– Essie and Sacha continue to break my heart.

– But it’s good news from Fletcher Towers apparently, as Fletch continues to improve.

– I loved Hanssen telling Cameron that he should pop along and have an ‘all encompassing career chat with Ms McGerry’ rather than trying to creep up to him. Hanssen has no time for odious little twerps.

– I was right about Cameron being ready to deliver more bad behaviour to impress Ange – but frankly trying to get Louis into trouble is going too far. I was very glad that Max stands ready to support her son.

– Please don’t give Tracey a job at Pulses. She’ll put people off their muffins with her whingey demeanour.


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2 responses to “Holby City: He hates everyone almost as much as he hates himself

  1. Poor Sacha so unlucky in love. However, does anyone else think that him and Dom seem very ‘comfortable’ with each other.

  2. mrssatan

    They need CCTV on AAU… Cameron is turning into some warped hybrid of Harold Shipman, Beverley Allit, Niels Högel and Benjamin Green; makes for uncomfortable viewing