Holby City: What happened to Paris?

Holby City S22 - Ep18(Series 22, ep. 18 by Katie Douglas 23.6.20) Bob along to Metro to read my nice long review of this episode. But before you go…

– Did we know previously that Fletch starting his career as a car mechanic before becoming a nurse? I liked his advice to Evie that you don’t have to have your path in life all mapped out when you’re young.

– Hurrah for the helpful urologist who was only too happy to do Fletch’s op in the down-time between the end of his shift and Emmerdale. Fletch shouldn’t even have contemplated going to The Mythical St J for surgery.

– Does this mean Fletch is completely cured? Let’s hope he is, although the ‘two nurses with cancer’ storyline will have been fairly short-lived if so.

– So Kian is in Canada seeing his mum, is he? Adorable as he is, Jac is really better off without him.

– I’ve already mentioned it on Metro, but Ric’s ‘You’re gonna need a bigger bag’ comment to Louis really was a brilliant line. It was unexpected, hilarious – and heartfelt. And it makes it more likely that the little hand gesture that Thunderchild spotted last week (look at the comments under last week’s post) was deliberate.

– Jac’s ‘Are there any patients on the ward that you aren’t related to?’ comment to Nicky was also good and could probably be deployed most weeks on most wards at Holby.

– And we were treated to more Jac and Sacha scenes, which are things of great beauty and joy.


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9 responses to “Holby City: What happened to Paris?

  1. mrssatan

    Jac and Sacha teasing Fletch about taking care of his kids was divine…

    And poor old HH, the look on his face when Jac said the information on Kestrel had to come from him… sometimes being the moral compass is a heavy weight to bear.

  2. Is Kian in Canada seeing his mum?
    I’ve a feeling (or maybe just a hope) he’s gone into some facility for some intensive counselling – he needs it.
    Did I imagine it or was Jac’s reaction to that statement just an indication she was content the story was being believed?

    • I think the “seeing his mum in Canada” is just a story and he’s dealing with his demons somewhere.

      • mrssatan

        Seems weird how we didn’t have to wade through an Eddi/Luc storyline with Kian and Jac… feels a bit ‘blink and we missed it’ – I hope we get an explanation

  3. Sarah

    Yes.. when Fletch was first introduced in Casualty. We were told he was a mechanic.. in his first episode he fixed Tess’ car in the car park.