Holby City: White pills, blue pills…

Holby City S22 - Ep17(Series 22, ep. 17 by Johnny Candon 16.6.20) Pop over to Metro for a thorough dissection of this week’s episode. But before you go…

– Oh, Jac. Is she going to get her heart broken again? She does her best to pretend her feelings for Kian are just good mucky fun, but her little conversation with Sacha revealed otherwise. I am worried for her. I’m also worried for Kian’s boy-parts – you don’t get to stand Jac up and carry on with all your bits intact.

– There was some heated debate on Facebook last week about whether Kian’s pills were white or blue. I think it depends on the device you’re watching it on but they looked white to me. As they’re almost bound to be fictional anyway (Camoxidan, anyone? Watch out for numb hands!) I can’t think it really matters.

– Did Bea ever mention her son was called Phoenix? I’m sure we’d have remembered that, because you don’t run into that many Phoenixes. He was excellent, anyway.

– Hanssen really is playing the long game as far as Max is concerned but it’s obvious that he’s going to oust her eventually. The arrival of Louis has made Max a bit more interesting, but I won’t be entirely happy until Hanssen and his moral compass are back where they belong.

– I really like Louis and loved how he stuck up for Donna.

– That tie! Anyone could see that it was going to be a Sacha Special. Though I can also picture it on Elliot Hope.

– How very rare for Fletch to be having his surgery at the Mythical St James’s. Let’s hope he’s not having it done in Kestrel’s Cheap-as-Chips Prostate Van in the St Jimmy’s car park.


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7 responses to “Holby City: White pills, blue pills…

  1. Thunderchild

    I’m not sure if it was intentional or not but re-watch the scene between Ric and Guy in the office towards the end of the episode. Look how Ric adjusts his glasses. Subtle, but very funny!

  2. I’m somewhat confused by the timeline. I thought Kian and Bea had had a relationship some years ago and was coming to the conclusion Phoenix was his son – so he should definitely not have operated upon him. Have I got this completely wrong?

    • Bea spoke to Kian about her son previously, but there was no suggestion that he might be Kian’s. I thought he didn’t want to operate because of his feelings about Bea and how he got over-involved in that and the outcome wasn’t good. But who knows?

      • Thanks. My memory is not… umbrella.
        I don’t mind a little hidden back story but I think they sometimes go too far with these things (or it could be my age and poor memory). I understand Kian and Jac have known each for years but I don’t know how or where or what their relationship was then and how much he knows about her back story.
        You’re probably right about his feelings for Bea and the general tragedy of it all (not to mention his suspension). The idea of his recent absence was to come to terms with all of that, wasn’t it? Doesn’t seem to have worked too well 😦

  3. Not surprised that Fletch is having his operation at St James, that really isn’t an operation you would want to have in your own hospital with people you have to look in the face afterwards!

  4. mrssatan

    As I said last week, I love how they all turn to Hanssen… he’s the dad/moral compass/shoulder/big brother of the hospital ❤️