Holby City: Not giving up

Holby City S22 - Ep16

(Series 22, ep. 16 by Phil Mulryne 9.6.20) Pop to Metro for a thorough review of a cracking episode. But before you do that…

  For all the reasons I’ve stated in Metro, I think the decision to have both Essie and Fletch ill with cancer at the same time is an excellent one. Usually on soaps a person with cancer is given a mentor friend that they meet during a chemo session and who typically dies. It’s so much more interesting to make two characters who both have a relationship and history with each other and the viewer go through this together. Though I’m fervently hoping that neither Essie nor Fletch will die because I don’t want to lose either of them.

– All the acting applause to Alex and Kaye this week.

– Is it Kian’s turn to go through the storyline I like to call ‘My Drugs Hell’? The path previously trodden by Connie Beauchamp, Eddie McKee, Michael Spence and Mark ‘Jesus’ Williams, to name but a few?

– I was glad to see Louis back, and that Max took some tentative steps towards accepting him. I also liked his kindness and calmness when he was dealing with Millie’s snagged drip.

– And as two of the nurses have gone down with cancer, that would leave Donna as the sole speaking nurse (apart from in the ED). Louis is a welcome reinforcement to the talking nurse ranks.

– Did you spot Cameron making goo-goo eyes at Selfie? If that lad adopts Selfie as a role model we could see him going from part-time villain to full-blown Mwah-Ha-Ha in no time at all.

– Jac and Sacha’s Batman conversation was sweet. They really are Holby’s best couple.

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