Casualty: Noel sorts it out

Casualty - Series 34 - EP34(Series 33, ep. 33 by Rebecca Wojciechowski 2.5.20) My proper review is over at Metro as usual, but before you go…

– Noel really was super-busy, wasn’t he? But while he was running around looking after Bluebell and having meetings with Connie, who was booking patients in? My local A&E has at least two people doing that at all times and they tend not to wander off – and there’s still usually a queue.

– That Joseph was an extremely creepy man.

– I feel like I missed the moment when Ethan found out about Fenisha’s baby, because he didn’t know last week and this week he did. Does he know it might be his?

– This might be because an episode got pulled because its storyline was deemed to be inappropriate during the coronavirus situation. Viewers were caught up on anything they needed to know in the “previously” section – but that wasn’t included in my preview episode. So please fill me in on anything I need to know!

– David talking about Rosa made me really wish she would come back. Rosa is lovely.

– Dylan helping Faith so she could get off work early and go to Luka – bless! He so hearts her.


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5 responses to “Casualty: Noel sorts it out

  1. The catch-up included a (previously unseen) snippet in which Will was being quite cross about something involving Ethan and Fenisha, so presumably that was when both Will and Ethan figured out who fathered the baby.

  2. Do we (you – Sue!) know why the episode we were due to see was pulled? I checked Radio Times, and the BBC’s Red Button service and it described the episode that we saw. Therefore the decision must have been made a few weeks ago. I wonder if there was a virus sweeping the hospital? If so, I would have thought it would have still have been mentioned in the episode we saw, presuming it had been cleared.

    As far as I am aware in the ‘previously’ section there was nothing about Fenisha telling Ethan about the baby or she was planning an abortion.

    • I think the storyline of the missing episode was potentially upsetting in the current circumstances, but I didn’t get to see it so I don’t know any specifics.

  3. I am so glad you mentioned the pulled episode because I thought I was losing it when they showed the ‘previously’ bit. I was hunting for a missing episode on iplayer even though I was sure I hadn’t missed anything.