Holby City: Nooooo!!!

Holby City S22 - Ep14Pop to Metro for a review of this episode. But before you do…

Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen it…


– I already knew that Zav was going to die in this episode before I watched it, but I didn’t know how. I was expecting some huge showdown between him and Cameron and for Cameron to do something really evil, possibly involving a scalpel in the basement (ouch). When he messaged Zav to meet him in the bowels (ouch) of the hospital I thought my predictions had been correct.

– So for Zav to get run over by a bike – well, that was a bit of a let-down. More plausible, and it does hold out the possibility for Cameron to become a reformed character eventually because so far he hasn’t done anything irredeemably bad. If he’d stabbed Zav in the hospital’s nether regions (ouch) that would have been the end of him as a character because really bad people always have to get their punishment in TV dramas.

– But Cameron is really reminding me of Coronation Street character John Stape – a serial killer, but generally more by accident than design.

– Donna though! Oh my lord. Jaye Jacobs broke my heart, and not for the first time.

– But talking of hearts, Nicky sobbing over Zav’s organ was a bit much. It’s not professional and it’s not hygienic.

– Essie chose the worst possible time to make her announcement, bless her.

– And yes, I am worried about Fletch.

– But that worry will have to be parked for a few months as Holby is now on a lockdown-induced break for a couple of months. See you on the other side!


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10 responses to “Holby City: Nooooo!!!

  1. Cameron may have binned the written notes about the evidence which were in the satchel but the memory stick with the *copy* of the CCTV was in Zav’s pocket and the EEG trace is still on the hospital network.

    • True. Cameron is most definitely not off the hook yet.

    • mrssatan

      We saw Zav put the memory stick in his bag, and we also saw Cam stamp on it after he stamped on the phone…

      • Thank you for reminding me Mrs S. I remembered he stamped on the phone, but couldn’t remember if he did the memory stick as well.

        So the bag has been carted off on the rubbish cart – with the EEG results in. I suppose one of the dustmen finds it and thinks it is too good to throw away; finds the trace inside and returns it to the hospital.

        How long have we got to wait to find out ?!

      • Oh bother! I was remembering him taking it out of his pocket and forgotten seeing it stamped under foot (rather ineffectually, I thought). If only he had managed to tell someone 😦

      • Mr Martin R Evans

        The bag is in a black bin. Did Cameron switch off the phone? If not it may still ring when called. This leaves open a way for the bag – and its contents – to be discovered. Surely Donna is going to wonder where Zav’s bag is?

  2. The trace may still be on the hospital network, but is there a reason that anybody would go to look for it, unless they suspect foul play.

    As for the memory stick, I suppose it will be found when he is prepared for the funeral. Presumably somebody will look at it and then …. !

  3. Jackie

    The memory stick was stamped on then put in the rubbish along with the phone.

  4. Mr Martin R Evans

    Surely Cameron may yet be tracked down as the cyclist must have seen him run off with Zav’s bag.

    • mrssatan

      The cyclist might have been wearing a body cam and/or there might be CCTV in the area… I really hope Cam doesn’t get away with his part in things