Holby City: Max and Selfie sitting in a tree

louis holby 13(Series 22, ep. 13 by Simon Norman 7.4.20) Click on the link to read my full review over at Metro. But first…

– Max and Selfie. Can you imagine those two together, really? I suppose they’re both two extremely damaged souls who also happen to both be mega brain surgeons, so they do have a lot in common. And compared to Max’s relationship with Louis, Selfie’s relationship with Zosia makes him seem like Parent of the Year so perhaps he can give her tips.

– Max is just horrible, and once again I love that she’s horrible. Good work by Jo Martin.

– Essie, Dominic and Sacha. Not only are Kaye Wragg, David Ames and Bob Barrett all brilliant actors, they work brilliantly together. There’s an intimacy and real affection there that shines through and makes these scenes totally heartbreaking.

– Jac and Kian. Absolutely yes, as far as I’m concerned. They have that shared history which gives Kian a key to Jac’s inner self which most people don’t have. She’s ice and he’s fire (a nice cosy fire rather than the blazing scary sort). They just work.

– As do Zav and Donna, so boo hiss to Cameron for breaking up one of the nicest couple ever on Holby. In my book that’s far worse than killing Evil Evan who frankly deserved it.

– There’s an interview with Tyler Luke Cunningham (Louis) here if you’re interested – not talking about Holby but more generally.


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5 responses to “Holby City: Max and Selfie sitting in a tree

  1. Andrew P

    Excellent episode, so much going on at Holby at the moment! And is Selfie trying to work his – potentially privatised ways – back into Holby via Max as acting CEO?

    I know there’s an awful lot going on in the real world right now, but I would like to see how these stories play out. Just waiting to see how many more episodes are broadcast before we run out of ones filmed before they had to stop making the show!

  2. Thunderchild

    Shall we take bets on Louis doing a shift on AAU and Donna letting slip what Max told Ric in the office?

  3. I read this morning in The Metro, that next week is the last of the recorded Holby episodes. New episodes are planned for later in the year but no date has been set. I presume this will aslo affect Casualty.

    Tuesday nights will not be the same

    • I don’t know about Casualty yet – I think they have a few more upcoming episodes – but it’s true about Holby. I’ve seen the next episode and it’s a good one to temporarily pause on.

      • Just hope they don’t leave it on a cliffhanger.

        Maybe in the slots where the ‘missing’ programmes were featured, they ought to re-run some classic episodes from the past.