Holby City: You think you’re a man

PLA dominic 2 holby city 12(Series 22, ep. 12 by Ed Sellek 31.3.20) I’ve reviewed this episode for Metro as usual, so have a look over there. But before you go…

– Important stuff first. What do we think of Ange’s new hairstyle? I quite like it, I think.

– Jo Martin is impressive at making Max so completely horrible, and I really felt for Louis.

– It’s the first part of a two-part episode, and it felt like it. The Lindsay story is still unresolved, and the flashback of Max ranting in the car park and Louis smashing the watch hasn’t been revisited yet. And there’s Essie… Next week can’t come soon enough.

– Line of the week: (Jac welcomes David, who usually works in the ED) ‘If you miss the violent threats and vomit, just let me know.’

– Once again we had a BAFTA-worthy performance from David Ames’ face when he realised that Essie’s cancer was back. And I’m already worried about how Sacha will cope.


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3 responses to “Holby City: You think you’re a man

  1. thebigmart

    Personally I didn’t like Ange’s new hairstyle. When I first saw it I thought it was a new nurse workinig with Max. On the plus side (for her), I think it makes her look younger.

  2. Geoff

    I thought the scene with the watch at the beginning of the episode was a flashback to when Lily left — and it was explained by Louis’ conversation with Max in the cafe. (She had been planning on selling it, but then decided to leave it behind.)