Casualty: This is the chance we have to say goodbye

Casualty - Series 34 - EP23(Series 34, ep. 23 by Oliver Frampton 8.2.20) I’ve reviewed this episode over at Metro. I don’t really have many further thoughts this week. My further thoughts tend to be a bit more flippant and there wasn’t anything flippant about this episode at all.

– Though I did wonder whether having a funeral cortege pulled up outside the entrance to A&E was a good look for people who were there hoping they were going to be made better. Especially when the entire staff team bobbed out as well.

– If you didn’t cry at the end when Charlie was crying you have a heart of stone. Stone, I tell you.

– It was almost as moving as after Stan Ogden’s death in Corrie, when Hilda sat holding his glasses. Ask your gran if it was before your time. She’ll remember.


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4 responses to “Casualty: This is the chance we have to say goodbye

  1. Is it usual for a funeral service to be held in church without a vicar / priest there?

  2. Whilst the staff lining up outside as the hearse arrived was very moving, my immediate thought was, who is looking after the patient who has just had CPR?

  3. Christine love

    I remember Stan’s death in coronation street… gee showing my age here lol.