Holby City: The one where Max fails to suspend anybody

sacha holby 5 copy(Series 22, ep. 5 by Nick Fisher 5.2.20) Pop yourself over to Metro for my full-length review of this episode. But before you do that…

– Line of the week: (Sacha) ‘We have found you a beautiful bowel.’ It’s in the eye of the beholder, I suppose.

– I loved Ric and Sacha on the roof in deckchairs. It was a lovely contrast to the last time they were up there when Sacha was having suicidal thoughts. And the conversation about Ric’s busy romantic history was very amusing.

– But I’m getting very frustrated by the Sacha/Essie storyline. It’s so obvious they should be together. Ange is busy advising each of them individually – why doesn’t she just sort them out?

– Do you think Nicky would have come up with the necklace-stealing idea if she hadn’t been drunk? I can’t help thinking she’s going to feel really terrible about it in the morning, because she’s a good person really.

– Donna is a lot more sensible these days, but I loved this episode’s hark back to her ditzy Donna days – first with her beautician sideline (only during breaks, of course), and then with her attempts to impress the casting director. And the Donna/Zav partnership still continues to be a delight.

– It was good that they got a mention of Duffy into the script (beloved nurse who just died on Casualty, for those who don’t know).


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2 responses to “Holby City: The one where Max fails to suspend anybody

  1. Martin

    Max claimed she was just an acting CEO and so couldn’t risk doing anything radical. If that’s so, how is it that she can privatise bits of the hospital and close down wards etc.?

  2. Martin

    Nicky is digging herself in deeper and deeper – why doesn’t her mother simply take the rap for driving without insurance and nail that creep for blackmail? Surely that would be less of a disaster in the end?