Casualty news: Stirling Gallacher to join show as Jan’s wife Ffion

OWK2dnOwSome interesting casting news from Casualty today as it’s been announced that Stirling Gallacher, recently seen in Coronation Street as Paula Martin, has already started filming  with the show and will be on our screens in late spring.*

She’ll play police officer Ffion Morgan, who is the wife of paramedic Jan Jenning (Di Botcher). A while back we heard Jan’s son Ross make a reference to Ffion, so it’s something that’s been in the pipeline for a while. Executive Producer Simon Harper says they’re excited to explore this relationship, ‘not least with an actor as distinguished as Stirling, whom we are thrilled to welcome to the Casualty company, playing alongside the brilliant Di Botcher. Jan has a huge and terrifying story coming up in the next series where Ross comes into her life again – and given that Ross is pretty dodgy and Ffion is a police officer, it’s all going to get pretty turbulent!’

Stirling says she’s ‘entirely delighted to be joining the longest-running emergency medical drama television series in the world… what’s not to be thrilled about! The added bonus is of course the folk that work on this fantastic show. I could not have felt more personally welcomed or professionally supported in what is often a bit of a nerve wracking build up to your first days filming. I look forward to many happy hours on Ffion Morgan’s pretend beat.’

*Or she would have been if coronavirus hadn’t intervened.

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  1. Great news. I remember her as a GP in the day time soap Doctors and she is a fine addition to the cast.