Casualty: You look so much older

Casualty - Series 34 - EP20(Series 34, ep. 20 by Rachel Paterson 18.1.20) Have a look at my proper review over at Metro, please. But before you rush off…

– Oh, Charlie. Where do I even start with what an amazing man he is to put his own hurt aside to contact Bill for Duffy’s sake? This storyline is completely heartbreaking.

– And with Faith and Lev discovering their little boy is seriously ill, there weren’t a lot of laughs in this episode, despite the presence of both Dylan and David.

– Nice to see a little Holby/Casualty overlap with Rosa getting a new porter’s uniform the same week as Jason on Holby got his.

– Robyn and Ruby living together? It might work, I suppose. Marty and Jade will be quite relieved to not be woken up by baby Harmony all night long too.

wray– I’ve just realised that Clive Wood, who plays Bill, was Gordon Wray in The Bill. So when Duffy disappointedly told him he looked much older, she’s probably thinking of Bill-era Bill.

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  1. thebigmart

    Did anyone else notice that Charlie’s upper lip still showed signs of an injury when he went out to chase after Bill. However, in the rest of the episode, it looked completely normal!

    I wonder what the other patients in ED must have thought when Dylan recognised Faith and she was then able to jump the queue?

    If David hadn’t recently got married, don’t you think that him and Dylan would make a perfect partnership? Future storyline?!