Holby City: Private healthcare made sexy. Or not

PLA kian holby 2(Series 22, ep. 2 by Katie Douglas 15.1.20) For my grown-up review of this episode pop over to Metro. But first…

– I was reading some old PLA reviews from 2011, and lo and behold they were trying to close Darwin down then as well. It was Henrik Hanssen who was in charge that time. I like to think he’s learned his lesson and he’ll come back and rescue everything and get the porters back in their maroon polo shirts again.

– Line of the week: Nicky asks Jac how she’s been. Jac – ‘I’ve been fine, McKendrick. If we take “fine” to mean medicated and at my lowest ebb.’

– But she apologised for her behaviour in theatre when she was last there. This is a new, more self-aware Jac that we’re seeing, but she is still 100% Jac. I love how the writers and Rosie can continue to evolve this character even after so many years.

– It was nice to see Casualty Marty in the upstairs wards. I like his character and I love a bit of a Casualty/Holby crossover.

– Sacha and Essie! Someone tell them, please.

– Why isn’t Max keen on Serena? And does she really think Ange will be any more compliant than Serena is? I don’t quite get it. But I like that Ange said she won’t be a stick to beat Serena with.

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  1. Thunderchild

    Perhaps Max will mellow over time like Hanssen did? I recall when he first arrived he tried to make Connie force Elliot out. Sound familiar? Maybe in a few years time we’ll see Max’s long lost daughter show up armed with a rifle!

    I think Ric has backed the wrong horse – if Jac and Serena have teamed up it must be bad.

    Serena really has come full circle hasn’t she? Now opposing the sort of cuts and changes that she was all in favour for when she first arrived.