Casualty: Completely off the scale

Casualty - Series 34 - EP13(Series 34, ep. 13 by Kim Millar, Johanna McAndrew and Elliot Hope 23.11.19) My nice long review of this episode can be found at Metro as usual. But before you go…

– Ruby is a bit, well, delicate, isn’t she? I’m absolutely addicted to ambulance-based reality TV shows and so I know that paramedics have to deal with all sorts. They seems like a pretty tough breed. I thought Ruby completely over-reacted to finding out that Lev was a former thug, but at least it didn’t take much to persuade her that he’s alright really.

– Rosa’s mum was exactly what you’d expect – vivacious, dramatic etc etc. But she’s obviously a sound woman because she appreciates David for the precious human being he is.

– I’m so hoping there’ll be a Christmas wedding and I’ve already started dusting my large collection of fascinators in preparation.

– Is Ethan leaving, then? Or just going off for a while to find himself like Rash did?

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