Holby City: A broken bird

19140459-low_res-holby-city(Series 21, ep. 46 ‘Sandra’s Choice’ by Damian Mullen 12.11.19) My review of this episode is at Metro as usual, but before you go…

– Line of the week: (Serena spots Dominic at the viewing window in theatre and lets Lofty know) ‘It appears you have male.’

– Line of the week 2: (Max gets her priorities right) ‘I won’t have you smoking in the vicinity…’ (Of the hospital? Of sick people? Of all the lovely muffins in Pulses?) ‘…of my new coat. It cost me a fortune.’

– Jason giving Lofty parenting tips including not leaving a naked baby on the sofa: ‘I still can’t get the stains out.’ I would add to this, don’t take a nappy off unless you have another one immediately to hand.

– Poor Jac. And poor Elliot, who has made something of a career of being the punchbag when other people are suffering – remember how horrible Oliver Valentine was to him after Tara died?

– I thought Vicky Entwistle was really touching as Sandra.

– Catherine Russell’s acting really is ninja-level, though. The way she faltered a little bit when giving parenting advice to Lofty, you could almost see the pictures of Elinor that were playing across her mind. Serena’s pain is real and always present, however well hidden. It’s going to be such a loss to Holby when Catherine leaves.

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