Holby City: You of all people

jac emma elliot holby 45(Series 21, ep. 45 ‘Remember, Remember’ by Joe Ainsworth 5.11.19) You know the drill – pop over to Metro for my full review of this episode. But first…

– What a pitiful turnout there was to that 150 year celebration thing. And why had Fletch decided that having it outdoors was a good idea in November?

– I knew Josie was going to die in Pulses. Not just because the service is notoriously slow. It was a poetic way to end a life which had apparently mostly been spent in the hospital anyway, though it was sad she didn’t get to have her free scones first.

Spoiler alert: if you’ve read my Holby book you’ll know all about the ‘cupboard’ in Pulses where someone has to crank the lift doors open and shut because it’s not a real lift. Now they’ve moved the counter to a different side, you can see that cupboard door very clearly.

– How come Fletch and Essie didn’t recognise local MP Simone Milton? I’d recognise my MP if I saw her in the street. I wouldn’t have anything nice to say to her either. Yes, Theresa ‘Let’s back a hard Brexit even though my constituents voted to Remain’ Villiers, I mean you.

– I’m glad Ric got his mojo back. He’s recovered stunningly well from brain surgery, too.

Jac seemed quite deranged when she dragged Emma towards the mortuary. I’m sad that the various pressures she’s under have made Jac behave badly to Emma, because she’s been a lovely mother generally. 

– But Jac’s face when she saw Elliot – that was just heartbreakingly sweet.


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3 responses to “Holby City: You of all people

  1. thebigmart

    I would have thought the 150th anniversary celebrations would have been fronted by Henrik, or in his absence Serena, or Ric.

    The local newspaper sent a photographer around, would they not have sent a reporter as well? They would have ‘pounced’ on Neil for his story.

    Great to see Elliot back.

  2. Thunderchild

    Does Ange actually treat patients these days? Until it appeared on Fletch’s guided tour I’d forgotten all about her Young Offenders Unit.

  3. Jules

    I’m so glad it wasn’t just me who thought pj’s when they saw what Ange was wearing!!

    Oh, and I know it was to fit with the 1,000th episode but Jac doing her 1,000th transplant in her early-to-mid 40’s seemed a tad unrealistic (actually if she was in her mid-to-late 60’s it still would!!) . A hundred I could have got behind, but a thousand???