Casualty: The one with the extreme hoarders

Casualty - Series 34 - EP11(Series 34 ep. 11 by Gerard Sampaio 2.11.19) Off you pop to Metro to read my proper review. But first…

– Ethan and Effie are beautiful and tragic, aren’t they? Like something from a Young Adult novel.

– I guessed toxoplasmosis would be involved as soon as we saw Raymond lying adjacent to the cat litter tray. It’s a medical drama classic (and don’t forget to wash your hands when dealing with that sort of thing, obvs).

– I was desperate to know what was in the letter Jade had from her mum. I was hoping Marty would get in the car and helpfully read it out loud for us, but he didn’t.

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  1. Yes, I too was hoping someone would read it out loud. The voice of her mother, perhaps.
    I get very cross when we, the audience, are expected to read stuff on phone screens or bits of paper. This usually involves pausing the prog, running back a bit, pausing again and then walking over to the TV to read.