Holby City: If you see a bright light, don’t run towards it

erica holby 43(Series 21, ep. 43 ‘Promise’ by Patrick Homes 22.10.19) Blimey. That was a mad hour of TV, wasn’t it? To read my proper review of the episode, pop over to Metro. But first…

– Is anyone else old enough to remember the time travelling weirdness that was Sapphire and Steel? At times this episode reminded me of that (‘Your coming here has opened a rift’). If you have no idea what I mean (or you also remember it fondly), have a look on YouTube.

– I wasn’t able to see who was in the photos on Jac’s desk (preview episode on little laptop screen) – was it Paula and Jac? Or Jasmine?

– And was the portrait to the left of Michael Spence his wife Annaliese? Ric had an affair with her, so that would fit.

Ric Griffin has never struck me as a man without a heart, or with a rotten heart (though he wasn’t his best self in his dealings with Diane and Leo). But the suggestion was that without Ric, Holby had never needed the moral compass of Hanssen. Does it also follow that, as Elinor and Bernie were alive and well in the Paradise world, their deaths were Ric’s fault? Was it that his allegiance to the NHS was to blame and if Holby had always been a private hospital none of these things would have happened? I suppose Bernie’s trauma unit might have remained and so might she – but I can’t imagine that was supposed to be the message.

– Or maybe I’m over-analysing things. It had the logic of a dream, which is to say that it floated along on its own reality and it did that very well.

– The scenes about Dominic and Lofty were a bit of a jolt after all the hallucinogenic oddness. It was like flicking the channel between two completely different programmes. It worked, though, because I think a solid hour of strangeness would have been a bit much.

– The real drama, of course, was whether Ric would live or die – and it’s such a relief that he’s alive.

– It was so sweet that the person who brought him back to life was great-granddaughter Erika. She’s his chance to make a fresh start.

Line of the week: (Jac) ‘Do you need help with emotional harmony?’ Jac’s hippy Wellness Advisor was an absolute scene-stealer.

Line of the week (2): (Sacha) ‘What did I miss?’ Hula dancers, ukuleles, a pregnancy reveal… Nothing much, really. And that was just in the real world…


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7 responses to “Holby City: If you see a bright light, don’t run towards it

  1. thebigmart

    Perhaps it was just me. I didn’t like all this subconcious / dream-like sequences. I only stayed with it in case something dramatic happened during it!

    Ric on the operating table was so close to death, with Serena pumping away at him. Then he is coming round on a bed, as if nothing much had happened! Instead of the dream sequences, they could have done more in theatre and possibly squeeze in another patient.

  2. christina

    I laughed all the way through it. And not in a good way. It was terrible

  3. mrssatan

    The inside Ric’s head bit jumped the shark imo – didn’t work for me 🤷‍♀️

  4. Thundechild

    Yes it was a picture of Annalese hanging on the wall!

    I quite enjoyed it, some nice nods to the past….although I wonder how many people who watch Holby these days would actually remember the likes of Diane or Zubin?

    Not sure about Max yet….it’s fairly obvious they’re going to pair her off with Serena but I must say it would be interesting to see her clashing with Jac.