Casualty: You can’t let the people down

18780563-low_res-casualty-portraits(Series 34, ep. 9  by Sumerah Srivastav and Colin Bytheway 19.10.19) Leap like a gazelle over to Metro for a look at my review of this week’s episode. But before you go…

Mason’s explanation of why he behaves like he does, and his symbolic return of Rash’s bike, hopefully marks the start of a new chapter for the new F1. It was perhaps risky to introduce a character who seemed properly nasty and pit him against a well-established and completely nice character. We could have just hated him full stop, but Victor Oshin has gradually revealed Mason’s vulnerabilities and as an introduction to a new character it’s worked brilliantly.

sfgfdgfg– Vincent Millbank was played by Tim Woodward – son of Edward Woodward who was in the original film of ‘The Wicker Man.’ I have three fun facts about that: (1) My mum and Edward Woodward were sort of pen-pals for quite a few years after she wrote him a fan letter and he wrote back and they continued to correspond. (2) When I was a kid we went on a family holiday to a caravan park in south west Scotland that was adjacent to where The Wicker Man was filmed (we didn’t know anything about the film at the time). The remnants of the burned wicker man at the top of the cliffs loomed over the caravans. It was huge and absolutely terrifying. (3) The tree you can see to the right of the burning wicker man was concreted in. Not a real tree. Somehow this made it scarier.

– Back to Casualty, and I am actually very worried about Ethan, both for his professional career and for his emotional wellbeing.

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  1. thebigmart

    I, too am woried about Ethan. From a top surgeon he has turned into an uncertain wimp! I am sure if someone popped a baloon near him, he would have a heart attack !