Holby City: We don’t want Ric to be a dead guinea pig

max serena holby 42 ss(Series 21, ep. 42 ‘Hope is a Powerful Drug’ by Simon Norman 15.10.19) Pop yourself over to Metro for my full review of this episode (and a side-ponder about Ric). But first…

– I was unreasonably excited by the glimpse of Joseph in the ‘Previously…’ section. One has to take the few crumbs one is given.

Line of the week 1: (Jac) ‘The competency level just went up.’

Line of the week 2: (Chloe, about Evan) ‘Was he in any pain?’ (Cameron) ‘In my opinion, not nearly enough.’ Yes, Cameron!

Line of the week 3: (Sacha) ‘You can’t just do things ad hoc!’ This clearly marks a radical new change in policy for Holby, where things are done ad hoc on a weekly basis.

– I loved Jac being sympathetic to Chloe. It was perfect. Jac knows that the last thing Chloe needs is mollycoddling – she gets enough of that from Ange.

– What a drippy woman that Frankie is.

– But Callum (the Keller patient) was brilliant. It was one of those guest turns that makes me wish he could be in it every week. We haven’t had a good sociopath in Holby for… oooh, weeks. He was absolutely charming with it, as well.

Max McGerry is wonderful. Max McGerry v Serena is genius.

Line of the week 4: (Max) ‘There is another option. Option C.’ (Serena) ‘Are you pausing for dramatic effect?’ (Max) ‘Did it work?’

– I loved the sequence at the end with Ric hearing the voices from his past accompanied by Arvo Pärt (Fratres For Strings And Percussion – I looked it up). This makes me very excited for the ‘return of Diane Lloyd’ episode. Excited – but nervous…


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4 responses to “Holby City: We don’t want Ric to be a dead guinea pig

  1. I am always surprised when a new doctor / surgeon can turn up at Holby and immediately start treating a patient. Don’t they have to check in with somebody first – find the department – the Head of the department, see HR??? I may pop by my local hospital and start treating someone and see if anybody notices!! (No promises that they will get better though!!).

    As for Ric’s brain operation, wouldn’t that have been something that Selifie could have achieved in the ‘old days’ ?

  2. Laura

    I loved Max’s introduction and liked her scenes with Ric and Serena. Have to admit I’m not keen on the Essie/Frankie merry-go-round.

    Your comment at the beginning re Joseph made me laugh!

  3. Gem2222

    Just a bit of a correction to the episode’s author: Millennials ARE Gen Y (1981-1995). Gen Z are called the iGeneration (roughly 1995-2005).
    This video puts it succinctly (though it’s US-centric). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IfYjGxI6AJ8