Casualty: The one where Duffy forgets how to turn right but saves the day anyway

Casualty - Series 34 - EP8(Series 34, ep. 8 by Colin Bytheway 12.10.19) My longer review of this week’s Casualty is over at Metro as usual. But before you go…

– Dialogue of the week: (David – to Duffy) ‘We’ve got some good news’ (Dylan) ‘Alright, David, you make it sound like we’re about to get married.’ (David) ‘Are we not? Well that’s £12.99 wasted on a new cummerbund.’

– Do they do cummerbunds with attached bum bags? I think I might have spotted a gap in the market there.

– That child killer story was a bit nasty, wasn’t it? Though not as nasty as this one from 2015.

– Ethan and Effie are adorable, but I can see why her dad thinks it’s a bit weird.

– It amuses me how many ways they find to have Duffy hanging around the ED dispensing her breathtakingly good People Skills. At the same time, I love that they’re doing it because her dementia storyline is heartbreaking and Cathy Shipton and Derek Thompson are being absolutely brilliant with it.

– I loved Dylan’s description of Ethan as ‘This eager young professional.’ Dylan is hilarious.


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2 responses to “Casualty: The one where Duffy forgets how to turn right but saves the day anyway

  1. An exciting episode, leaving the viewer wondering what they would do in the situation of knowing that there is a child murderer around.

    You certainly have a good memory for old episodes, not only the storyline, but your review.

    If Duffy can work as a volunteer at the hospital, couldn’t she have continued at the care home (although I prefer her to be in Holby, where we can ‘see’ her!).

    Unfortunately in your Metro review you managed to change Marcus’ surname from para 2 to para 5 !