Holby City: The end of Evil Evan

chloe ange 2 holby 40(Series 21, ep. 40 ‘Divine Justice’ by Andy Bayliss 1.10.19) Another stunning episode of Holby City! My full review can be found over at Metro as usual. But before you go…

– I can only hope and pray (I don’t actually pray, so it’ll be double hope) that all rape victims are treated with the empathy and kindness shown to Chloe by police officer Sheena in this episode.

– Ange and Cameron were getting on my nerves a bit as they both tried to make it all about them, but I was touched by Ange and Chloe’s reunion at the end.

– Amy Lennox did a perfect job with this storyline.

– I’d expected Ange to be the one to possibly let Evan die or cause him to die, but it made sense that Cameron was the one to do it. He was at a point of huge vulnerability having just had the confirmation that his mother was dead. There’s something about him having the power of life or death, of being able to ultimately protect Chloe, that must have just clicked into place in his mind in that split second to make him behave so uncharacteristically. As soon as he had a moment to reflect, his humanity and his training as a doctor would be appalled at what he’d done. 

– I think Naomi Katiyo is going to break my heart when Darla has to give the baby up. And that is a ridiculously cute baby (or twins) playing Baby Griffin.

– It was touching that Ric was looking at a picture of Jess before he decided to go for the scan. I wonder whether she’ll appear to support him through his treatment?


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3 responses to “Holby City: The end of Evil Evan

  1. Personally I thought Cameron was going to let Ewan suffer, and then at the ‘last moment’ give him the oxygen.

  2. Jules

    So pleased that Fletch persuaded Ange to tell the truth about that screw-driver and that Chloe already had.

    The only thing that did tick me off a little bit was Ric having that scan to ‘provide a comparison’ because no radiographer would ever do that in a million years!!!