Casualty: A good name for a kitten

Casualty - Series 34 - EP6(Series 34, ep. 6 by Julie Dixon and Mark Catley 28.9.19) Pop over to Metro for a full review (by me) of this episode. But first…

– Line of the week: (Patient Nick to Dylan and David) ‘You two look like undertakers.’ (Dylan) ‘I always look like this. I don’t know what his excuse is.’ (David) ‘Teenage son.’

– I looked up the word ‘frimp’ and found all sorts of definitions ranging from ‘an idiot’ to ‘the little tapered end on a poo.’ Either way it’s a very good name for a kitten.

– What is Mason like? I thought Rash was genuinely trying to cover for him this week when he wasn’t on top of the diagnosis (or maybe Rash was being really sly and I just didn’t realise it because Neet Mohan exudes Nice). But it doesn’t seem to matter to Mason, whose attitude seems to be, ‘It’s the end of the shift – so under the bus you go.’

– The vomiting blood man (Joe McGann) looked more ill than anyone I’ve ever seen on Casualty ever. When he went off to the toilet and we didn’t see him for about half an hour I was getting extremely worried about him.

– I like Lev. There’s no way you can’t like a man with a kitten under his coat (unless he’s one of those kitten-under-coat men your mother warned you about).

– The story about Nick and Kerry and their new baby took a nice twist when his disabled wife was revealed. I wasn’t expecting that.

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  1. Jane

    I enjoyed the episode, after just watching Holby for years and then the cross over episodes I am now hooked on Casualty as well
    Any chance of any
    More cross overs in the near future please?