Casualty: Major incident declared

Casualty - Series 34 - EP1(Series 34, ep. 1 by Mark Catley 17.8.19) Pop your lovely self over to Metro for my full review of this episode. But first…

– Blimey, that was a rollercoaster ride of an episode, wasn’t it? I felt like the budget that had been saved on the somewhat underwhelming prison riot of a few weeks back was blown on today’s terrorist attack. It was as well done and gripping as anything you’d see on Line Of Duty or The Bodyguard. I thought the editing was especially good in the scene where the bomb went off – events happened quickly but there was still enough time for a real sense of dread to build.

– Beautiful work from George Rainsford. Ethan is such a beloved character so we’re always rooting for him, and George made sure that we were feeling everything that Ethan was feeling.

– Though I do hope Ethan isn’t going to become Traumatised Person of the Series. We’ve just got Iain back to health and Connie safely in rehab, I don’t want to see episode after episode of Ethan quivering in corners.

– I feel very sorry for Gem. She must have managed about two days of happy holidays with her beloved before he was whizzing off back to Holby, leaving her in charge of the Elephant Cam.

– But I’m happy that Rash is back.

– It already feels like Rosa has been in Casualty since forever. There’s something completely real and believable about both the character and the way Jacey Salles plays her.


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4 responses to “Casualty: Major incident declared

  1. This was the first episode of a new series. It didn’t seem much different from the previous series (last week!), other than Connie has gone, and the introduction of the new Advanced Trauma Team with their bright red uniforms. Will it feature in any future episodes?

    We never saw how Ethan got on with his ‘fast driving’ other than the car stalling everytime he tried to pull away!

  2. It seemed to me more time than usual had passed since the previous episode. Was it my imagination or has the Casualty department been rebuilt between the two? Much of it looked unfamiliar – new set perhaps, or just new camera angles?

  3. Obviously you both are more observant than me. I didn’t notice the difference!