Holby City: All because the lady loves…

jac holby 32(Series 21, ep. 32 ‘When Worlds Collide’ by Andrew Rattenbury 6.8.19) Step on over to Metro to find my nice long review of this cracking episode. But first…

– As I mentioned in the review, the summer trailer’s scenes between Jac and Joseph and Faye reassured me that Jac wasn’t going to leave. Even so, I was quite tense when she rallied the troops for her Big Announcement.

– Last time she tried to ease off on work and spend time with her daughter she got shot five minutes later. Just saying.

– I should watch out for army-type metaphors like ‘rally the troops.’ This is the kind of thing that makes Cameron get all hissy.

– Stacey was a nightmare. But hands up who thought she looked a teensy bit like Jac?

– Baby Arthur Dominic Valentine Self!!! Squeeeeee!!! I love it so much that Arthur Digby is never forgotten at Holby.

– We’ve had the luxury of a lot of Carole Copeland episodes this year, for which I suppose we have to thank the adoption storyline which I wasn’t happy with at all when it began. I’m glad that Carole and Dominic are friends again – the smile he gave her when she said she didn’t want him to think she was putting Oskar first was just gorgeous.

– Controversial opinion alert: I still think Alex was more Bernie’s type than Serena ever was. Am I very wrong?

– Since Evan crept into the flat to deliver a box of chocolates I’ve started to think of him as the Milk Tray man. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DWt39zk00I

– Line of the week: (Hanssen) ‘If I were looking for a relationship at this time, I believe I could do a lot worse than Mrs Copeland.’ Elegant, diplomatic and rather charming, just like the man himself.


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6 responses to “Holby City: All because the lady loves…

  1. marsi

    I have to politely disagree wiith the following:
    – Controversial opinion alert: I still think Alex was more Bernie’s type than Serena ever was. Am I very wrong?
    Yes, Alex isn’t as gorgeous or as hot as Serena.

  2. Martin

    I suspect Alex was lying (when she said she was lying) to spare Serena’s feelings.

    • wiggles247

      Actually, I really don’t – I thought at the time that she said they were engaged ‘but you’ve only got Alex’s word for that Serena’ so I’m choosing to believe that she was finally telling the truth

  3. Thunderchild

    I can never figure out whether Jac and Serena actually hate each other or not these days?

  4. wiggles247

    I really liked this episode – there were some genuine chuckle out loud moments, some really, really sweet scenes (Jac/Emma, Dom/Carole, Hanssen/Carole), Dom mentioning the ‘Structly curse’ (love the real-world references weget from time to time) and the icing on the cake a REALLY cute new baby with a rather wonderful name = what more could a person want?!!

    Only bug bear for me was Chloe not already having blocked (evil) Evan’s number on her phone = surely that’s the first thing you’d do???