Holby City: Another memorial in the Memorial Shrubbery

serena alex holby 31(Series 21, ep. 31 ‘Things My Mother Told Me’ by Martin Jameson 30.7.19) Please head over to Metro for this week’s in-depth review (it’s quite a long one, so maybe get the kettle on – and read this bit – first).

– Does Nicky really like Cameron, romantically, do you think? She responded fairly sharpish to his kiss. But she must have seen him mooning about after Chloe?

– When Alex said she was the love of Bernie’s life do you think she was? There was amazing chemistry between them when we first saw Alex soon after Bernie’s arrival on Holby. The army was a huge part of Bernie’s identity and Alex shared that in a way Serena never could. It was clear that Serena was very precious to Bernie, though, and there was no attempt to airbrush her out of her life as soon as Alex was back on the scene.

– It was interesting that the Darwin patient, Delia, was scared of the treatment she was going to have. I’m sure most people are scared before operations but on Holby they hardly ever show it.

– There was a little reminder that Lofty has a baby on the way, although he doesn’t realise it. That’s obviously going to be a Thing in the not-too-distant future.

– As is Evan. Though I do wonder whether Chloe really needs a divorce – was the bedside wedding legal?* I suppose Evan is the type who’d have rushed off and got all the legal stuff sorted the minute his drip was removed.

– Carole can’t leave, because we haven’t seen her and Hanssen dancing yet, and I so much want to see Dancin’ Hanssen.

– Line of the week: (Carole) ‘Dominic has made a new life for himself and I’m very happy for him but if it’s alright with you I’m going to hang on to my Dazzle.’ Said so much in just one line. Beautiful.

* I have now heard from an extremely reliable source that the bedside wedding was indeed legal, so Chloe does need a divorce, or at least an annulment.


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  1. Apart from the signing of the paperwork (which may have happened when we weren’t looking), the marriage was not consummated so could probably be annulled. I’m not sure mental cruelty could be grounds for divorce if it happened before the marriage.

  2. Isobel priest

    I’m pretty fed up of Carol and Ange now.

    Like, I get it you’re stressed about your son not talking to you, but there has to be a middle ground between stalking him at work and moving to the algarve. Its emotional blackmail. The man has had to deal with finding out he’s adopted, the return of an abusive ex and his husband cheating on him. Give him some time.

    And ange is an interfering busybody with both her kids.

  3. mrssatan

    The whole wedding thing has been bugging me from the get-go… you have to get a special licence… reading this, would it have been granted for Evil Evan (info from Organising a wedding or civil partnership for terminally ill patients in hospital or hospice. Guidelines for Healthcare Professionals):

    The Consultant (this can be the patient’s usual Consultant, on-call consultant or the Palliative Medicine Consultant) or in their absence any medical doctor involved in the patient’s will need to complete, sign and date a letter stating that the patient is too unwell to leave the hospital and not expected to recover. The wording of the letter varies slightly depending on whether the request is for a marriage or civil partnership. It is very important that the letter exactly replicates the wording in the template versions attached and that the doctor includes their qualifications and GMC number.

    The Registrar will require an original copy of the letter. Out-of-hours they are likely to come to the hospital or hospice to collect all the paperwork but otherwise the Registrar is likely to ask the well partner to attend the Registrar Office with the necessary paperwork in order for the licence to be issued.

    Checklist of paperwork patient / partner will need to provide:
    Proof of identity, age and nationality of both parties (usually a passport although a driving license or birth certificate will be acceptable if patient does not have a passport)
    Proof of address of both parties (e.g. utility bill)
    If either married before; decree absolute or death certificates to confirm they are free to marry.

    Once the Registrar has seen the paperwork and has a copy of the doctor’s letter they will request a Registrar General’s Licence from the Registrar General based at UK head office – this is usually approved immediately (even out of hours).

    Both the Superintendent Registrar and Registrar will attend to perform the ceremony.
    The ceremony can then take place any time of day or night and in any suitable location within the hospital or hospice.

  4. thebigmart

    Surely once the legal documentation has been signed; if a couple don’t consummate the marriage for a period after the ceremony it is up to them. Are they not married until that time?

    • They are married but annulment because of non-consummation seems to me the only grounds for divorce at this time. If everyone is happy the marriage need never be consummated.
      My knowledge of such things may be out of date…